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Clawee - Real Claw Machines: Play with Claw Machines without Visiting an Arcade

Clawee Real Claw Machines is a one-of-a-kind game that lets you experience the arcade claw machine without ever visiting an arcade. Yes, you heard that right. With Clawee, all you have to do is launch the app and control your chosen claw machine using your phone or tablet.

Are you curious to know more about this unique game? Here's everything you need to know about Clawee below!

Clawee Real Claw Machines was developed by Gigantic and was officially published in 2017. If you're intrigued by this game's unique mechanics, here's a peek at the experiences you'll encounter in this game:

Play with authentic claw machines without physically interacting with them 

Nope, you didn't misread that one. Clawee lets you play with authentic claw machines without physically interacting with them at all. So, how do you control those machines? With the help of your phone or tablet, of course!

Thanks to today's technology, you can now operate and play with claw machines with the aid of your smart gadgets. And if you ever win a prize, you can simply have them delivered to your door. Due to that, you don't need to leave your house just to enjoy a few rounds of claw machine games.

Win a wide variety of exciting prizes 

Clawee includes a wide variety of exciting and real prizes in their app. And the best part? Brand new winnable prizes are added to their machines daily! This online arcade game includes a vast selection of toys, plushies, keychains, accessories, and other standard prizes you'd typically find in arcade claw machines.

But those aren't the only prizes you can win in this game. After all, you can also win fantastic prizes such as gadgets and home goods! Furthermore, Clawee updates its list of prizes by including the trendiest brands and items in their machines. If you want to win all these prizes, it's time to put your claw machine skills to the test!

Play for free with the game's offered daily bonuses 

Although the game requires you to spend real money to play with the game's machines, you can receive daily bonuses provided by the game. That way, you don't have to spend money at all just to go for a few rounds in your chosen claw machines. And with free rounds in the game, you can go ahead and have some effortless fun with several claw machines.

Exchange prizes for more coins if you don't like them 

Did you get a prize that you don't like as much? Don't worry if that's the case. After all, this game includes a special feature that lets you exchange unwanted prizes for coins! So, if you ever won a prize and decided that you don't want to claim it, just go ahead and trade it for coins.

Challenge other players and become a top claw machine player

If you're the competitive type, you can further put your claw machine skill to the test by participating in the game's live tournaments! During live tournaments, you can challenge other players and do what it takes to become a top claw machine player.

How to play

Clawee is a massive game-changer for those who want to bring the claw machine experience to their homes. With that said, if you want to start playing Clawee, here's a helpful guide you can refer to below:

Purchase coins to start playing with your chosen claw machines

Although you can receive  coins as bonuses in the game, you will have to purchase coins with real money to play more rounds. The cost to play will vary per machine. So, make sure to top up enough coins to play with your preferred machines!

Choose the machine you desire to play 

Once you're done topping up coins in your account, you can now browse for a claw machine you want to play with. Clawee is home to over a hundred prizes, and each kind of prize has its designated machine. If someone is currently playing on your preferred machine, you will have to wait for their turn to finish before you can start your turn.

Operate your claw and pick your prize before time runs out

To start operating the machine, you must spend the needed amount of coins to receive a chance. You can pay the machine by clicking on the Play button on the screen. Once you've paid the machine with the specified amount, wait for the app to authenticate your connection. The game will also load the live stream of the machine for you.

If everything is all set, go ahead and operate the claw machine using the controls provided to you. Make sure to pick a prize before the allotted time runs out. Besides that, you're also limited to the number of moves you can do.

Furthermore, you can also change the camera angle by clicking on the Switch Camera button on the lower-left portion of your screen. And if you're unsuccessful with your attempt, simply click the Play button once more to get another chance.

Claim your prize and get it delivered to you 

Did you manage to score a prize? Congratulations! You can now view your prize by visiting your account's Collected Prize section. Moreover, do note that you'll have to shoulder the shipping costs of your prize. And, of course, make sure to enter your exact shipping details to ensure that your prize gets delivered to you!

Apply for a VIP membership to receive extra benefits and more 

You can apply for a VIP membership if you want a much more deluxe experience in playing Clawee. Applying for a VIP membership entitles you to a bunch of in-game benefits, such as  shipping, access to more claw machines, in-game bies, and other special bonuses!

Of course, this is purely optional. But if you want to take your at-home claw machine experience to the next level, a VIP membership will make your claw machine experience much more enjoyable.

If you want to bring the claw machine experience closer to you, look no further than Clawee Real Claw Machines. Thanks to this awesome game, you no longer need to visit a nearby arcade just to win yourself an amazing prize. Meanwhile, if you want to share your experience with this game, feel  to do so via the comment section!


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