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Clumsy Ninja
Adventure entertainment anime single player cartoon Casual iOS Android boys girls challenge Fun simple bonus
  • Version : 1.31.1
  • Updated : May 24, 2018
  • Size : 241.4 MB
  • Developer : NaturalMotion Games Limited

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If you want a virtual friend, and not a cat but a warrior, then Clumsy Ninja is the game for you. Instead of interacting with a virtual cat on screen, this game allows you to play with a ninja. He is a masked hero, and very clumsy, which is unusual for a ninja, who are mostly fierce warriors. Your task in this game is to train, and play with the friendly ninja and prepare him for a quest to find his friend Kira. You can say hello to him, tickle him, throw him, but each action will train him to become a skilled ninja. It's an easy and fun game, but it will be easier if you follow some tips and tricks, and learn How to play the levels, that way it will not be a tough game for you. So, if you would like to try a game where you get to befriend a ninja and go on adventures, you must know the winning tactics, and here in this article, we have described the tactics for you. Check out the full explanation of this game. 

You can play Clumsy Ninja on your iOS and Android mobile and you can play on a PC. In this game, you can do more than play with the friendly ninja, you can change the appearance of the warrior by giving him hoods and belts, and you can use these things to unlock trampolines and punching bags. This game is a mix of virtual pets and video games, and you will get amazing animation. The structure of the ninja is really like. 

You can train him, tickle him, throw him, and tie him with balloons. Whatever you do, it will increase his skills, and using it he can find his friend Kira. This is a next-generation game with interactive characters. The ninja can react to actions, move, feel and sense. All you have to do is to take good care of him. 

Clumsy Ninja is filled with new and exciting experiences that you will not find with any training and interactive adventure games. It has some unique features that make this game addictive. Check out the specific features here: 

● Clumsy Ninja will be your virtual friend

● Items are mostly locked and you can unlock those using gems or coins

● You can change the color of the ninja's clothes, give him a belt or change his entire outfit 

● You can customize his look, and give him a better appearance

● Help him with the punching bag and trampoline. 

Clumsy Ninja is a story of a ninja who is on a mission to find his friend Kira. But he is clumsy, and can hardly fight. So, you have to teach and train him to become a full-proof ninja. 

With the assistance of his teacher or sensei in Japanese, the ninja will overcome the quests, play, and train from you. You can tickle him, throw him or tie him with balloons, and each task will make him a skilled warrior. You can level up in the game when the ninja earns more belts. You can get more trampolines, and punching bags to train your ninja, and this way you will get more energy. 

How to play

Clumsy Ninja is a fun game for everyone, and one of the best things about this game is you can play it on your PC. You can customize the costume of your Ninja, allow him to play on the trampoline, let him punch the punching bags, throw him, tickle him, and tie him with balloons, all your actions will make him a skilled warrior. You can buy items to make your ninja more powerful and fashionable. Clumsy Ninja is a free game, but you have to pay real money to buy some items. You will get upgrades every week, or once a month, and it will be filled with bug fixes, no ads, ninja costumes, accessories, and other things that will help you win the levels. To play this game you need to know the right techniques, and to have the right ideas, you can follow the steps below. 

Once you read the Description of this adventure game for ninjas, you need to know how to play the game. As this is a training ninja game, you must have some tips up on your sleeves to prepare your clumsy virtual friend to be a fierce warrior. To understand the gameplay, let's follow the game method. 

Check the step-by-step process to play and have fun with the Clumsy Ninja Game. 

Step #1

You can train your ninja to learn some special moves. Give him a belt, impress his teacher, and make him earn the skills to find his friend Kira. You will get seventy interactive items in the game which include a squirrel, a chicken, punch bags, trampolines, and many more. 

Step #2

You and your ninja friend will travel to various places, unlock new items for the game, complete quests, meet new characters, and play new games. 

Step #3

You can customize the attire of the ninja. Give him belts, and headbands and take photos of his actions. With upgrades, you will get new things. 

Step #4

The ninja is your virtual friend, who can sense, feel, and act. But he is too clumsy, and you have to train him. 

Step #5

This game uses Euphoria technology, which is used on touch devices. You will get to play with the most amazing characters in this game. 

Clumsy Ninja is for virtual friends and adventure lovers. You will get no complexities in this game platform, it's just simply training your ninja, and while you do the job your warrior will get skilled and you can buy costumes, coins and accessories to win the levels. You will get special updates for this game, and the updates may appear after a week or some months, and you will get better features, new levels, ninja features, and other things that will make the game interesting. 

Keep in mind that while you plan and enjoy this ninja training game, you can always share your reviews, feedback, and your thought in the below comment section. Your feedback will influence other virtual character game lovers to play this adventure game, and they too will share their experiences. Let's build a game community for the Clumsy Ninja game, and help others.


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