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Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I

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Sonic is a chapter-based crossover action adventure featuring SEGA's mascot Sonic the Hedgehog. In this game, Sonic has to fight his greatest enemy, Dr. Eggman, in a mysterious ruin. In the ruins, Sonic will not only face attacks from Dr. Eggman, but also a variety of traps.

The game inherits the characteristics of traditional Sonic games, but in general uses 2.5D technology to play in 2D horizontal scrolling in 3D scenes. The game features essentially the same features as the original Sonic series, including the rings mechanic, scrolling ball dash, etc. It also includes the same mechanisms, passageways and scenarios that characterised the older Sonic games, but also includes the same judgement attacks that have been seen in Sonic games since 1998.

The first chapter consists of four Zones, each with three Acts, including two normal acts and a boss level. Unlike earlier generations, however, the game includes a world map, so players can play through the map and select any Act in any Zone at will, gradually unlocking new zones as they progress. Only after completing all areas will the player be able to access the final level. There are also hidden levels in the game, similar to traditional Sonic games, which are unlocked by collecting 50 rings. The hidden levels follow the same pattern as the initial Sonic, where the player needs to shake the screen and control the level itself to get Sonic through and collect all the rings in order to get a Chaos Emerald. Once all 7 emeralds have been collected, Sonic can transform into his super form on any level. At the end of the game, Metal Sonic's shadow appears on the screen, along with the words "To Be Continued".

How to play

It's easy to control Sonic without too many buttons. The game uses a virtual joystick + buttons on a touch screen device, and the control interface is simple, with a small black bean on one side, making it very easy to control.

The game is a traditional horizontal ACT game, and the enemies in the game don't pose much of a threat to the player. However, as Sonic's speed gets faster and faster, the player may not be able to see as fast as he can, and he may crash into the enemies.

In addition, the game features the following.

2 exclusive levels!!!

Two exclusive levels created specifically for smartphones with accelerometers.

New moves

All of Sonic's classic moves are available, including an updated homing attack, which will add new levels of control and excitement.

Classic sound stages

Go through 4 unique zones, each containing 4 moves as well as 7 special stages.

Special stages

A staple of RETURN's Genesis era gameplay, Special Stages returns allowing fans to collect 7 Chaos Emeralds and unlock Super Sonic.

Improved Classic Boss Battles

Dr. Eggman returns with a new and improved mech that goes berserk as he accumulates damage.


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- Professional Critic -


Sure Sonic 4 episode 1 is a delightful game for die-hard blue fans, and can definitely benefit from its sense of speed, visual effects and display effects. It is worth buying, but its widely acclaimed vintage trilogy should not be called a follow-up product.

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  • Bycornelius
    I love sonic
  • Byshlia
    i love sornic
  • Byjay
    i like it cuz it has a hedchog
  • Bymahalia
    I love it
  • Byshadowgb721
    fun the best



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