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Happy Color
Puzzle education free entertainment Casual iOS Android boys girls kids colors numbers
  • Version : 1.8.2
  • Updated : Oct 4, 2021
  • Size : 220.5 MB
  • Developer : X-Flow

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While most gaming apps are about thrill and adventure, there are a few that are designed for ones with artistic bent of mind. Do you want a relaxing game that immerses you in the breathtaking world of colors? Happy Color - Color by Number is an extraordinary coloring game designed to de-stress your mind with colors and art. In this game you have to add colors to a piece of art to complete it. However, you do need some skills like hand-eye coordination to locate the numbers on the artwork, which keeps you occupied but in a calm way.

This game can be played without racking your brain. A colorless artwork will appear on the screen with numbers in series. Under the artwork you will find numbers in a sequence that come in various colors. As you click on the number below you will be guided to tap on places in the artwork where that same number is located. This way you can fill the artwork with the color assigned to each number. It is a relaxing way to spend your time after a stressful day, especially as the colorful end product makes you proud of being its creator. 

This is a free to play colouring game.It comes with in-app purchases that allows you to purchase rare and exclusive packs of artworks for coloring using actual money. However, you can play this mind-blowing game only if you are 16 years or above in age. Some of the most exquisite features of this coloring app include:

Incredible imagery waiting to be splashed by colors

Easy gameplay that requires a little focus to color amazing artworks

More than 15,000 different artworks to be colored with new pieces added every day

Over 40 categories available in the coloring book including animals, mandalas, flowers, Disney, nature, rare, interiors, art, butterflies, Marvel, collections, classy, fantasy, food, hobbies, etc.

Facebook community for sharing and discovering art lovers in this social media platform

There are several difficulty levels starting from easy and moving on to advanced pictures that help you challenge yourself as you progress in the game. But the actual experience that this game provides is anxiety-free time that helps you focus on your creativity. 

This coloring game is perfect for improving your recognition skills while enhancing your self-expression and creativity skills. Just select a picture that you like and start coloring it by matching the numbers on the pictures with the colored-numbers below each picture. After completing your artwork you can proudly share it with loved ones or in the Facebook community, and you can alternatively save and animate it before storing it in your 'library'. 

Now that you have a full description, you must be eager to learn how to play this coloring game

How to play

Since this game provides you with a stress- environment, its gameplay is designed to be uncomplicated and easy. After you open Happy Color - Color by Number you will come across two menus on your screen. The menu on the top part provides you with all the categories available for coloring, while the menu located below it contains more artworks that you can color by tapping on the picture you like. 

The base of this gaming app contains four separate tabs - 'Library', 'Daily', 'My Feed', and 'News'. The 'Library' contains all the pictures in the app, and the 'Daily' feature shows you newly-added pictures. The 'My Feed' section takes you to your selected works that are either 'in progress' or 'completed', and the 'News' section is buzz with the latest competitions and news related to the game in the social media network. 

So, here's how you can get started with this amazing coloring game:

Step 1 - Select a picture that you want to color.

Step 2 - You will see that the image comes with numbers in series assigned to each part of it and a palette below the picture.

Step 3 - Select a number from your palette, and remember each number in the palette is assigned a color. 

Step 4 - On selecting the number you will notice that parts of the image are highlighted with 'checkered' cells that contain the same number that you have selected. Just tap on the highlighted cells and fill them up with the color. 

Step 5 - Use the 'hint' option available in the image to find the numbers that you cannot locate. You can also zoom in or out to magnify the image for locating the number in the image. 

Step 6 - Once you have completed coloring the artwork you can save it, or animate it, or even share it with your Facebook community to flaunt your artistic skills. 

If in case, you are unable to complete coloring an image, the incomplete work will be saved in the 'In progress' section under 'My Feed' feature. 

With a host of options in artworks to color including categories like message, marine, patterns, tattoos, people, vehicles, good cause and even your favorite Marvel and Disney characters to choose from, it is hard to resist playing this game. Moreover, you can opt for the 'editor's choice' to find exceptional images that are worth coloring. 

You might initially face some difficulty in locating the numbers on the image, but the creators provide you with the option of zooming in and out to be able to find those numbers on your image. Moreover, you are given the option of hints, which you can use to locate the numbers if it gets really tough for you to find a specific number on the image. 

Imagine being surrounded by bright colors that uplifts your mood any part of the day - that is exactly what you get with this coloring game. Each of the artworks/images/pictures are designed in such a way that once colored they appear to be the most colorful art piece that draws everyone's attention. Happy Color - Color by Number is all about having fun and relaxing, but if you want to get more competitive there are more difficult levels that can challenge your skills. Once you have played this coloring game, please help others find relaxation through this game by typing in your comments on the game below. 


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