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Plants vs. Zombies

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Grow your way to victory in the legendary Plants vs. Zombies!

Humanity's days are numbered as a mob of brain-hungry zombies make their way through the city. With your house left exposed, there's nowhere left to turn but your garden of multitalented plants for salvation.

Plant row after row of deadly plants to ward off the zombies and last another day in this iconic adventure that has won over 30 Game of The Year awards!

50 Ghoulish Levels to Survive

Test your skills and luck in all 50 levels of adventure mode. Keep zombies from infiltrating your home base through the day, night, fog, underwater, and even from above! Develop the perfect strategy that will have you fighting off wave after wave of zombies to survive.

Plant your way through zombies of all shapes and sizes and add new seeds to your arsenal every step of the way. Or, put your skills to the ultimate test and fight off waves of zombies for as long as you can in Survival Mode!

Not Your Average Zombies

In their rampage through the city, these zombies have picked up a few tricks along the way. Conquer all 26 types of zombies as they enter your yard, including:

Pole vaulting zombie

Conehead zombie

Dancing zombie

Bungee zombie

Zombie Yeti

Snorkel zombie

And more!

Defend your home as the zombies attempt to dive, vault, and dance past your defenses. Learn each one's special skills and think fast to stop them before they reach your back door! With each new zombie, add a page to your Almanac to reference each day.

Grow Your Arsenal of Un-Deadly Plants

Collect all 49 seed varieties to grow your army of leafy soldiers! Enlist Sunflowers to harvest the sunlight needed to plant your garden and watch the zombies fall.

Shoot wave after wave of zombies down with the help of your trusty Peashooter, and use Wall-nuts to give your garden some much-needed defenses. Or, blast zombies to bits with the explosive Cherry Bomb!

Choose your plants wisely at the beginning of each day, and put your skills to the test as you stop zombies in their tracks, no matter what tricks they've got up their sleeves.

Cultivate A Stronger Army With Plant Upgrades

Visit your neighbor Crazy Dave's shop to strengthen your leafy army and eliminate the zombies for good. Using the coins you've earned from felling zombies (or by farming in the tranquil Zen Garden), purchase new seeds, plant upgrades, and even a pet snail!

Not enough coins? Purchase up to 600,000 coins using the Coin Packs located right on the main menu, and you'll be sure to keep the zombies out for another day.

Charming Graphics For Universal Fun

With colorful graphics, a whimsical design, and an excellent soundtrack, Plants vs. Zombies is the perfect game for anyone 10 years old and up. Develop the perfect strategy and protect your home in this legendary adventure.

Defeat the zombies and grow your all-natural army today by Plants vs. Zombies now!

How to play

Your success in early Plants vs Zombies levels is tied to your income. The more sun you have, the more towers you can build, and the more towers you have, the easier it is to kill zombies. This means that you should spend as much time as possible growing sunflowers in safe rows. For the first few levels, this means growing sunflowers on the back two rows near your house. Try to only build shooter plants when it's necessary. At first, you can wait till a zombie spawns and stick a pea shooter about four squares away from it to kill it in time. As you progress through the game, you may need more towers, fancier towers, or tools like the potato mine to clear the first few zombies while you get your big sunflower farm going.

In the midgame, you have access to double sunflowers and other resource generation tools. This means you won't need to spend as much space on your sunlight generation, but it's still just as necessary. Again, try to spend as much of your early income as possible building sunflowers. You can always dig them up and replace them with offensive plants when you need to! If you're feeling brave, you can even use sunflowers as bad walls and stick them in front of offensive plants. They won't absorb as much damage as a wall-nut, but they'll generate sun while they're idle and they'll protect your expensive plants from the zombie assault.

As the game gets more complex, be sure to take time and examine the types of zombies that you're up against. The foes you're facing will be in the background whenever you're at the screen where you select plants for each level. Think about the plants you have and the foes displayed and make sure that you choose an arsenal that makes sense for the challenge at hand. Bungee zombies, for example, will require umbrella leaves, while magnet plants make jack-in-the-box zombies a lot easier to deal with.

On water levels, the cat of nine tails is your best friend. This simple tower almost trivializes these levels with its powerful homing attacks and its smart target selection. Fill the water sections of the level with as many of these kitties as you can and let them go to work on the enemy zombies.

Finally, don't be afraid to use consumable plants. Options like the potato mine, the cherry bomb, and the wall-nut are available super early. These don't have a lot of sustained killing power, sure, but there are a finite number of zombies on each level. A few well-placed one-off towers can give you a great start and let you build more sunflowers, deal with powerful zombies that your normal towers can't handle, and otherwise make the game a lot easier. Don't go too crazy with these (as there is a cooldown), but using them correctly will make all stages of the game a lot less stressful.

Are you a Plants vs Zombies master? What are your favorite plants? Which levels did you find the hardest? Did we miss any tips? Let us know in the comments below!


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