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So you've inherited your uncle's lot in the countryside, will you take care of his abandoned garden? 

Gardenscapes is one of the most popular options available when it comes to gardening games. Playrix created it and made the related games Manor Matters and Homescapes, both released in the same year. Throughout 2014, Gardenscapes has amassed more than 325 million user favorites worldwide, marking another major milestone for the company.

The game begins with the arrival of a message from Austin, the butler, informing you that you have gained his vast estate in the farmland upon your uncle's death. You're asked to take a look around, and you'll discover that although the estate appears to be in good condition, the lawn has been neglected for quite some time and requires a great deal of attention. As a result, you and Austin - who has become your valet - set out on a mission to revive the extensive garden to its previous splendor.

The Key Goal of the Game 

Even though the primary purpose of Gardenscapes is to repair the mansion and garden, this will require extensive work and processes. For this reason, you must begin by performing responsibilities such as gathering berries and apples. After completing these objectives, you will have sufficient experience to go to the next stage. Although it appears simple, there is a limit to the number of moves you can make to achieve the goal.

If you fail to complete the task, one of your five hearts will be automatically cast out. The sub-goal of this game is to complete each job to progress to the next stage of the game. As your estate grows, you'll be able to enhance the home and add some finishing touches, such as decorations. This will enable you to complete the mission assigned to you by your uncle.

The Theme of the Game 

Gardenscapes is a casual adventure game that allows you to level up by fulfilling missions regarding the farm. The game originated from the Playrix Scapes game series. 

· It has hundreds of match levels with uniqueness. 

· There are many options for characters that you can use with your friends. 

· Have the luxury of owning a pet that will always be there for you. 

· Upgrade many aspects of your garden for enjoyment. 

· Connect your game to Facebook and have a social community. 

The Main Mechanics of the Game 

The smash-hit by Playrix has set the path for several videogames in the genre by establishing a winning model that combines match-three and mystery aspects, thereby retaining players' interest. The game relies on a few elementary concepts. Before advancing to another stage in a match-3 game, a player must complete a set of goals. You get a finite chances to accomplish the objectives, and failing to do this will lose you one among your five lives.

In addition, Gardenscapes features an engaging story that propels the game ahead among match-3 stages. However, if this story format is not your favorite, you also can click Skip throughout the talks and continue with match-3 action. Nevertheless, you will be unable to avoid specific encounters, as Gardenscapes is fundamentally a social game in which characters continually engage, so you will eventually have to break in.

How to play

Aim to play more significant matches of four pieces or more.

Gardenscapes is based on the simple idea of matching three similar items to remove them from the table. To conquer most levels, you must aim for bigger games of four pieces or more. Begin doing this as early as feasible. Train yourself to analyze the game before moving and avoid the need to make arbitrary matches merely for fun. You're also advised to pay heed to the game's automated prompts. 

While not all recommendations must be considered, all that leads to more giant games should be. Combos are vital in Gardenscapes since they create Power-ups-tools essential in more challenging stages. It's best to learn what matches make various Power-ups so you can spot them on the table. Here is a summary of all the Gardenscapes Boosters with their applications.

Firecracker: Any four squares of the same color can be used to form a Firecracker. Firecrackers are transparent squares in a crossing design. These Power-ups are just not very strong on their own, so save these until you have several more combos.

Bomb: To make a bomb, match 5 pieces inside an L or T shape with the same shade. When exchanged with some other tile, Bombs explode all within two tiles.

Dynamite: Like bombs, but more powerful. Six tiles with the same color horizontally, vertically, or in an L pattern earn one. A Dynamite's explosion helps clear a three-tile area.

TNT barrel: The TNT tank is the player's most potent Power-up. You'll require seven or more parts of the same hue to make one, so chances are slim. If you have one, be aware it can trigger a four-tile diameter explosion.

Charge Your Rainbow Bomb Frequently

How to play Gardenscapes is all about detonating bombs. This isn't the only incentive to create and employ as many Power-ups as feasible. Blowing up standard Power-ups charges the Rainbow Blast. It'll be put on the pitch in a random location and will eliminate all tiles of that type if exchanged with an adjacent tile.

The Rainbow Blast is a string instrument, so use it with caution. Carefully consider whether tiles were better to remove from the board based on the level's objectives. That might require waiting a few games before using Rainbow Blast to gain the tile needed besides the Power-up.

Take advantage of the mini-games 

Occasionally, after completing a stage, the game may present you with the opportunity to play another mini-game. We recommend looking for such possibilities and seizing them when they present themselves. The mini-games are simple puzzle stages that are simple to complete. It is possible to go back to the start and attempt again till you have mastered the task. After the game, you will be awarded a considerable sum of gold coins.

Gold is crucial in Gardenscapes since it may be used to purchase the items necessary to complete a level and go further in the game. For example, in return for 900 coins, you can receive five extra passes to complete a problematic stage without losing your progress. Recharge the Rainbow Bomb regularly.


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