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Granny 3

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Granny 3 is a horror escape game, the entire game graphics are very scary, dark, like this kind of game players must not miss! (Warm tips: do not enter the timid)

In this house full of horror, hide from grandparents, solve the puzzles and then leave the place. Players will play in the game to the first perspective of a person imprisoned by grandparents, in the process of escape, the player will encounter many puzzles, may also encounter the horror of grandparents, you must try to leave the house before the end of the fifth day.

Do not make a sound, hide quietly, hide in the closet, hide under the bed, and wait until the right time to start moving. The game features not only the grandparents, but also their granddaughter, who is also a very scary character!

Granny 3's entire game painting style and background music will be chilling! And there are several chapters and episodes set up, in each chapter the gameplay and objectives will be slightly different and full of challenges.

How to play

The goal of Granny 3 game is to escape from grandparents' house in a short time.

Character description.

Grandpa, with weak hearing, shoots everything that moves with his gun.

Granny, with better hearing, can hear subtle sounds.

Slendrina, grandparents' granddaughter, can kill with her gaze.

Players have to face the above 3 scary characters in the game. There are different plot goals in different chapters, so the gameplay of each chapter will be different, and players need to complete the tasks according to the different chapter requirements.

While avoiding them, players have to find hidden clues in the game, complete the puzzles, find the hidden keys and get out of here!

Time is limited, don't hide for too long because you are afraid of your grandparents, this will affect the progress of your escape. Get out of here as quickly as possible and see the light of day again!


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  • Byla'kyah
    i think it's going to be ScArY
  • Byavien
    i like this game



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