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Temple Run 2

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Temple Run (Temple Run) game content and most of the parkour games are very similar, over the obstacles and traps, and constantly dash forward. However, in Temple Run, the player controls an Indiana Jones-like character who escapes from an ancient temple in the rainforest and is chased by a group of monkey-like demon guards in the temple. The character is automatically keep flying forward, and the player needs to control him to avoid the various dangers encountered on the way to escape. However, unlike most parkour games, the game does not use the usual 2D landscape graphics, instead of a full 3D third-person perspective.

The iconic face icon remains the same, as does the free download, but the game has been made more difficult again and the scenes have been redesigned to incorporate more new elements into the game.

Temple Run 2" features the same temples, fresh scenes, the same running, and more props to make the passion never stop. The new version has a new addition of three obstacles: the canoe bridge, chainsaw, and fire pit. The canoe bridge requires keeping running in the middle, and the chainsaw and fire pit require jumping through.

And this work is on the computer, the game graphics are more sophisticated than the upper works, the operation is still as simple as the previous work, but the action of the display form more enriched the game.

How to play

Basic operation: Finger touch swipe right - right turn. Finger touch swipe left - turn left. Finger touch swipe up - jump. Finger touch swipe down - low posture glide. The phone tilts to the right-move to the right. Tilt the phone to the left-move to the left.

Skill introduction

Coin Value: You can change the color of coins, red coins can get more skill energy.

Shield duration: upgrade this skill can extend the duration of the shield, note that the shield only has an effect on the road obstacles, if you fall off a cliff shield will be invalid.

Coin Magnet: Upgrade this skill can extend the duration of the magnet.

Boost Distance: upgrade this skill can extend the running distance of the acceleration props.

Pickup spawn: can make the chance of props to increase, the specific increase in the number of temporarily do not know.

power meter: upgrade this skill, the upper left corner of the energy bar to fill the energy will increase.

save me: you can use gems to resurrect the game after failure.

head start: After upgrading this skill, you can reduce the amount of money spent at the beginning of the acceleration.

Score Multiplier: You can add to the score to get a higher score.

When playing the game, if the energy bar is full, you only need to double click the screen twice to trigger the skill, each character only needs to click the button next to it to choose the skill, you can also choose to use gems to extend the duration of the skill.

The cliffs in the game do not jump, basically are forks, turn to the left or turn to the right can be. In addition, inside the mine we just need to shake the phone left and right. Then is the gem, the game if you unfortunately failed, you can choose to use gems to resurrect, but the cost is too big, the first time you need 1 gem, the second time you need 2 gems, then it is 4 gems, 8 gems, that is, each time the number of gems needed to resurrect is your last resurrection cost 2 times the number of gems, and so you will find that after resurrecting several times it is an astronomical number now.

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  • ByPariyaad Singh
    it is so much fun
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    it is so good i love it.
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    i like it
  • Byjunior
    i like it
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    this is awsome


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