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Candy Crush Friends Saga

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Candy Crush Friends Saga is a new puzzle game developed by King, the creators of the popular Candy Crush franchise. The game features the same addictive gameplay and colorful design as its predecessors, but with new characters, game modes, and mechanics that add a fresh twist to the classic candy-matching formula.

In Candy Crush Friends Saga, players join their favorite Candy Crush characters on an exciting adventure through the Candy Kingdom. The game offers a variety of game modes, each with a unique objective that challenges players to think strategically and make quick decisions.

The game's main game mode, Free the Octopuses, requires players to match candies to free octopuses trapped in jelly. As players progress through the levels, they'll collect new characters who have their own special abilities and can be used to assist in completing objectives. Each character has a unique power that can help clear large areas of the board, remove obstacles, or create special candies.

One of the most exciting new additions to the game is the ability to create Super Sweet Combinations. These powerful combinations occur when players match five or more candies in a T or L shape, creating a special candy with even greater powers. Combining two special candies creates a super sweet combo that can clear large sections of the board and help players reach their objectives more quickly.

Candy Crush Friends Saga also introduces new game modes, including:

Dunk the Cookies: Players must match candies to dunk cookies in milk and free the gummy bears within.

Find the Animals: Players need to match candies to uncover hidden animals trapped in ice.

Spread the Jam: Players must spread jam over the entire board by making matches adjacent to it.

The game also includes in-game events and rewards, many of which are tied to seasons, holidays, or current events. These events offer players new challenges, exclusive rewards, and limited-time game modes that add even more excitement to the game.

Another notable feature of Candy Crush Friends Saga is its impressive graphics and animations. The game features beautiful 3D graphics, detailed character designs, and smooth animations that bring the Candy Kingdom to life. The characters are also more animated than in previous games, offering new interactions and expressions that add personality to the game.

Candy Crush Friends Saga also incorporates social connectivity, allowing players to connect their game to social media accounts to compete with friends, send and receive lives, and share achievements. The game also features leaderboards where players can compare their scores with friends and other players around the world.

Overall, Candy Crush Friends Saga offers a fun and engaging gaming experience that builds upon the successful formula of its predecessors. With its new game modes, characters, and mechanics, it offers a fresh take on the classic candy-matching genre. Whether you're a fan of the series or a newcomer, Candy Crush Friends Saga is definitely worth checking out!

How to play

The primary objective of Candy Crush Friends Saga is to match candies of the same color to clear the board and complete the level's objectives.

Look for opportunities to create matches of four or more candies to create special candies, which have unique powers. These special candies can clear more candies or obstacles in a single move.

Level Objectives:

Each level in Candy Crush Friends Saga comes with specific objectives. Common objectives include clearing a certain number of candies, reaching a target score, or saving characters that are trapped on the board.

Understand the objective of each level before starting and focus on achieving it.

Use special candies strategically to clear multiple objectives in one move.

Special Candies and Combos:

Special candies can be created by matching four or more candies in a row or column.

Combining two special candies creates a powerful combo that can clear a large area of the board or target specific obstacles.

Experiment with different combinations to discover the most effective ways to clear the board and achieve your goals.

Characters and Their Powers:

As you progress in Candy Crush Friends Saga, you'll unlock and collect various characters, each with their own unique powers.

Activate the character's power by filling their respective meter, usually by making matches next to them.

Each character's power can help you clear candies, break obstacles, or reach objectives more efficiently. Plan your moves to maximize the use of their powers.

Obstacles and Blockers:

Candy Crush Friends Saga introduces various obstacles and blockers that hinder your progress. These include cookies, chocolate, frosting, and more.

Understand how each obstacle works and develop strategies to overcome them.

Match candies adjacent to the obstacles to break them, or use special candies and combos to clear larger areas at once.

Prioritize removing the most obstructive obstacles first to create more space on the board.

Boosters and Power-ups:

Candy Crush Friends Saga provides boosters and power-ups that can assist you in completing levels.

Boosters like the "Coloring Candy" can be activated by matching five or more candies in a row or column. Their activation clears all candies of the same color on the board.

Use boosters strategically to target specific objectives or clear challenging areas.

Power-ups can also be earned through gameplay or purchased with in-game currency. Use them wisely to your advantage.

Plan Ahead and Make Smart Moves:

Take time to analyze the board and plan your moves ahead.

Observe potential matches and combinations, and prioritize moves that have the most impact on achieving your objectives.

Avoid hasty moves that may waste valuable moves or miss opportunities for powerful combinations.

Pay Attention to Friend Events and Rewards:

Candy Crush Friends Saga offers various in-game events and rewards tied to seasons or holidays.

Participate in these events to earn extra rewards, boosters, or power-ups.

Take advantage of limited-time game modes introduced during events to challenge yourself and unlock exclusive content.

Connect with Friends:

Connect your game to social media accounts to play with friends or join online communities.

Compete with friends, send and receive lives, and share achievements.

Challenging friends or seeking their advice can offer new perspectives and tactics.


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