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Sonic The Hedgehog

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Sonic the Hedgehog is a racing 2D action game in the Sonic series.

The main character of the game Sonic is a small blue hedgehog, which is very cute. Suddenly one day its peaceful life was defeated by Dr. Egghead, the evil Dr. Egghead who wants to rule the whole world. Sonic started a challenging adventure in order to stop Dr. Egghead.

Players have to control Sonic in the game to move forward, while collecting rings and running, jumping and sprinting in the challenging environment of the level.

Each character has some different abilities, so choose your favorite character and use their unique abilities to fly, climb and glide through the levels to earn higher scores!

The game is similar to Super Mario, control Sonic and his friends on a track full of obstacles, avoiding them perfectly, collecting rings and props, and taking on seemingly impossible levels!

How to play

Sonic the Hedgehog game is very simple to play, similar to Super Mario. Players reach their destination in as short a time as possible, controlling Sonic to avoid obstacles or ambush monsters in the levels. According to the different situations encountered in the game to make the appropriate response, perfect to avoid obstacles.

On the way forward, players should not only let Sonic dodge obstacles, but also let his body touch more rings. In each level to collect the ring will continue to accumulate, these accumulated rings can help players to buy more props or unlock more game characters.

The game also has some special levels, players complete these special levels, you can get Caos gems. As long as the collection of seven gems, Sonic will be able to turn into Super Sonic, and confront the hidden boss.


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