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Sonic The Hedgehog 2

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Game Background

Sonic discovers West Side Island on his new adventure and lands his plane, the Tornado, and stops to rest. Meanwhile, a suspicious flying object has landed on the other side of the island.

It is said that long ago, the island's original inhabitants prospered with a mysterious gemstone. Gradually, the desire of the original inhabitants grew stronger and when they tried to abuse it, their civilisation disappeared overnight and the people had to seal the gem in the deepest part of the island.

Soon after, Sonic spotted a shy orange fox creeping up behind him, and when Sonic turned around he quickly hid back behind the palm tree. His name is Miles Prower, but because he has two tails he is often called "Tails," and this makes him a frequent target of bullies. However, after Sonic came to the island, Tails decided to be as handsome as Sonic. After learning that Tails meant no harm, Sonic made friends with him and explored the island freely with him.

One afternoon, Tars finds a plane stuck on the beach. Being a beginner with a great interest in mechanics, he rushed to check it out. He admired the beautiful fuselage, barely noticing that Sonic was napping under the wing. Knowing that the plane was owned by Sonic, Tars stepped back for fear of waking him up. At that moment a flash of light shot out of the nearby forest, followed by a huge explosion. The wreckage of various objects was blown out and Tars had to hide behind the Tornado. Tars saw that a group of robots were on a digging spree, and this threatened to envelop the entire island in devastating flames.

It turns out that Dr. Egghead had located all the Chaos Emeralds after tracking Sonic, including the island's legendary lost seventh emerald. He takes the opportunity to kidnap the island's animal inhabitants, rebuild his Badnik army and complete his ultimate weapon, the Death Egg, a space station. Everything! Sonic quickly sets off to stop Dr. Eggman, with a curious Tars following in his wake.

The two heroes, Sonic and Tars, travel around the West Island, rescuing kidnapped animals and stopping Dr. Eggman. After liberating the entire island, Eggman makes a hasty escape in his Flying Fortress, followed by Sonic and Tars in their Tornado. However, the Tornado was hit and Sonic had to continue without Tars' help. After defeating Eggman once again, Eggman retreated to the Egg Planet, and Tars quickly upgraded the Tornado to allow Sonic to catch up with Eggman. On the space base, they faced off with Dr. Eggman. In the end, Sonic was victorious when the Egg Star suddenly exploded and Sonic was unable to escape, falling into outer space. Tars saves him in his Tornado and becomes his best friend and right-hand man.


- Twelve Badnik-infested areas, from underwater caves to neon-lit casinos!

- Competitive online, challenging time attack mode, and a new Boss Attack mode

- Play without access to the original version of the secret hidden palace area stage!

- Battle Dr Egghead's creations, including the fearsome Mecha Sonic!

- Get all the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic and Super Knuckles!

How to play

Each level has a Star Post checkpoint, which temporarily saves the player's progress after passing it. After losing a life you can return to the previous checkpoint instead of the beginning of the level. If you die when your life count is zero, "Game Over" will be displayed. The player can only start again.

In addition to the 11 levels, there are 7 Special Stages. After passing the Star Post of each level and having at least 50 gold rings, a red halo will float above it for a short time and the player can control Sonic to jump into it to enter the Special Stage.

The view of the special level is a tracking view and Sonic needs to collect a certain number of gold rings, dodge bombs and pass 3 checkpoints. If you achieve the goal, you will receive a Chaos Emerald. At the last checkpoint of the level, the player will be transported back to the original Star Post checkpoint, regardless of whether or not the player achieves the goal and receives the Emerald.

Obtaining seven Chaos Emeralds will transform Sonic into Super Sonic. When Sonic has collected at least 50 gold rings and jumps into the air, he becomes his "Super State". At this point he glows yellow and is virtually invincible, although he can still die from drowning, being crushed, falling off the screen and timeout. His speed and jump height have been increased. This also means it will be much more difficult to control Super Sonic. In Super form, he will consume one gold ring per second and will return to normal when he runs out of gold rings or when the level ends.

If using only Tars, nothing will happen even if the player collects all the Chaos Emeralds.

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  • ByJean carlos
    I love sonic 2
  • BySonna
    Hi I'm Sonic lil sis & I LOVE this game
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    so cool
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    Cool game


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