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Want to know more about your new secretive neighbor? Or just want to prepare yourself before anyone suspicious moves the next door? Then Angry Neighbor is the game for you. In this game, the neighbor is a very secretive person, he is probably hiding something in his house, and you are curious about it. Instead of introducing yourself, you start to follow the movements of this fishy person, and one day you break into his house to find out the secrets he's hiding. It's a fun and adventurous game that will give you an adrenaline rush, and you will be on your toes while investigating the secretive neighbor. The game is very simple yet adventurous, and it will be easier when you know the rules and tips to play it. If you know How to play the game, you can win more coins and rewards. We have explained the entire game to you in this article; let's take a look at the full information on this card game.

You will not get any special details on the neighbors; you will just know that this creepy guy has moved next to you. You will be curious to find out what's he hiding, and you break into his house to look for the secrets. You have to understand the house based on the personality of the neighbor, but instead of acquainting yourself, you choose to invade his house. 

In Angry Neighbor, you must avoid belittling the situation and let your guard down with that neighbor. He's a creepy guy, but very sensitive. He has eyes everywhere, so he can detect any kind of anomalies with just one look at it. For example, if you want to find out the mysteries in his house, and you opt for setting traps for him, you have to be very careful. You need to be on your guard because if you get caught, you might put yourself in grave danger. You must plan your invasion at the right time, and prepare for a harmless war. 

You have to select targets in the neighbor's house, and you have to be careful to not get caught in any situation. 

Angry Neighbor is a fun game to play when you are feeling bored or adventurous, and it will teach you skills and you will get better experiences once you start to play it. It has some of the perfect features that make the learning of this game useful and you can play this addictive mystery adventure game as long as you want. Let's look at the best features here:

● Explore the neighbor's house

● Climb to different areas

● Find the door keys to the house

● Do whatever you want and have fun

● You will get full freedom in the game

● It has an unusual plot

● Play on your mobile with excellent 3D graphics

In this game, you have set plans and goals and set traps in the neighbor's house. You have to select the right times to invade the house and find the mysteries. The best time to execute your plan is midnight, or when the man is not in the house. You have to be very careful while setting traps, as he can hide behind the doors, and can catch you sneaking into his house. 

The most crucial thing in Angry Neighbor is, that you have to be calm, even when the neighbor is nearby. His facial expression can be scary, but you must not get swayed by it. You will get a hint in the game, and each time the neighbor is beside you, you will get a weird noise as an alert. You have to hide in a safe place to hide from him, and you can pull pranks on him like setting banana peels on the staircase, so he falls slipping on them. 

Angry Neighbor is not a free game, you have to pay $1.49, and play this adventurous mystery game. You will get updates like better gaming benefits, fixed connectivity issues, bug fixes, and many more. 

How to play

Once you go through the Description of this adventurous mystery game, you must know the gaming structure. This is an adventure game, and you need some tips that will help you make better plans and hide securely. To understand the game, you have to follow the techniques. 

Check out the step-by-step rules to play and have the best fun with the Angry Neighbor game.

Step #1

When you have started to play this game, you have to be smart and think wisely. This is an adventure game, so you have to be brave and avoid getting caught in any circumstances. It may look easy, but choosing the traps and placing them in the right locations can be difficult and time-consuming. You have set traps in his house, like cutting off the power line, placing banana peels in front of the bathroom while he showers, and other ways to tease the scary man. 

Step #2

You have to be on your guard at all moments when you are invading the creepy neighbor's house. While setting traps, you have to be very careful, so you don't get trapped by the conscious neighbor. This is also a single-player game, and you will not get a friend to support you. 

Step #3

You will easily find the door key to the neighbor's house. Once you have the key, you can directly enter the place and look for secrets he's hiding. 

Step #4

The neighbor's house is dull, but it's interesting at the same time. The structure of the house is unusual and you will get a creepy feeling from it. While looking into the house, you will find out uncanny things about the man, and you can do whatever you want in this game. You can climb up different locations and explore those places. 

Step #5

This is an exciting game, and you will 3D graphics of the house and the neighbor. You can control your steps with your mobile, and do whatever you can to reveal the mysteries of the creepy neighbor. 

Angry Neighbor is a game for mystery adventure game lovers. You will get no difficult instructions or rules in this game; you just have to invade the secretive neighbor's house to reveal his mysteries. The game is fun and very addictive once you start to play and pay attention to the instructions. You can come up with new tricks while playing it, and it will help you win it. You will get more insights, and you will become wiser with every step. You will get updates like better gaming benefits, fixed connectivity issues, bug fixes, and many more.

So, why get bored in your  time, when you can play this mystery adventure game? If you love mystery games, you must take up this easy and fun game and play it in your  time and explore more. You can play it on your mobile, and you will love the thrill of finding out the secrets of the weird man. Also, it's important to note that, you can share your gaming experience by adding your thoughts in the below box of comments. It will help other adventure game enthusiasts to play it and provide their opinions and feedback about this addictive game. Help us create a better community for the Angry Neighbor game, and assist others.


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