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Kick the Buddy

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Looking for a way to unload your pent-up steam all by yourself? Want to find a fun way to get rid of that stress from work? Then it's time you play the Kick the Buddy video game. This interactive ragdoll game is all about action and experiments that will make you forget why you were stressed in the first place. Although this game involves you hurting, punching, and kicking Buddy (the ragdoll) with the help of different weapons, it can effectively help you alleviate stress and anger. 

Buddy is a ragdoll that resides within a box, and you have to keep beating him until you knock him out. Depending on how you treat him, Buddy's face will change. If he's badly beaten up you will find Buddy in bandages and bruises. However, these bandages and bruises go away slowly with time. You can tap and hold Buddy's limbs to stretch out the ragdoll, which will make him scream. There are different ways in which Buddy reacts to what you do to him, for example, he will ask you not to hurt him with a deadly weapon if you happen to select one. Again, Buddy will ask you to feed him food if you happen to opt for a 'food item'. 

This interactive game is free to get both from Play Store (for Android phones) and App Store (for iPhones). It comes with in-app purchases in which you have to purchase the game's bucks (money) and gold using actual money. The more bucks and gold you have the more shopping you do in the game. Here are some amazing features of this game:

This is an incredible game to relieve stress and anger 

It comes with amazing graphics 

This physics-based Ragdoll game makes the character react to what you do to it

Multiple weapons and items for hurting and beating the character

Easy and simple gameplay

The character, Buddy, talks to you based on the way you treat him

The appearance of the Ragdoll named Buddy is unique because he is part blue and part brown. The outfit he wears looks like it has been stitched together, and his limbs seem to be attached to his body using ropes. You can stretch Buddy out just for fun and see what he has to say about it, making this interactive game quite entertaining. You have access to a virtually unending arsenal that can explode, freeze, smash, hit, and destroy Buddy. With the bucks and gold, you can get more stuff to keep attacking the ragdoll. 

The most fascinating thing about this action-packed game is that you get to hit Buddy with multiple weapons including grenades, powerful missiles, machine guns, nuclear bombs, and a guillotine to destroy him, and still he springs back to life. This gives you ample time to blow off all the steam that you've accumulated all through the day. With this game's description done and dusted, it's time to know more about how to play this highly-interactive game. 

How to play

After opening the Kick the Buddy game,you will see Buddy on the screen, and this is what will follow:

Step 1 - Buddy will greet you with an opening sentence, 'Hey, I'm Buddy. Nice to meet you'.

Step 2 - A 'Diamond Membership' offer that comes with a 3-day  trial and then weekly payment will appear on the screen. You may or may not purchase this with actual money. If you cross out this offer (just tap on X on the left-top corner of the screen), you will be taken back to the home screen.

Step 3 - You have to continuously hit Buddy until the words 'First Blood' can be seen on the screen, after which you will receive a gift containing bucks (game money).

Step 4 - A ribbon can then be seen on the left-top corner named 'Buddy's Notepad'. In this, you will find 'Stuff', 'Profile', 'Extra', and 'Decor'. 

Step 5 - Under 'Stuff' you will find all the different weapons that you can use to hurt Buddy. Just select one and start attacking him.

Here are some of the things Buddy keeps saying in idle mode

'Weirdly awkward'


'It's a never ending story'

'Can I watch the X Files for a while?'

'Hey! Take your time'

'I live in a box'

These are some things Buddy says when tortured:


'Time Out'


'I'm out! I'm out!'

'You're killing me'

'Buddy out'


'The pain'

Isn't it exciting and fun to get a ragdoll react with words?

These are a few things about the game that will help you enjoy it thoroughly

Keep on tapping - This action-packed interactive game is all about shooting, punching, and kicking Buddy. The more he's hurt, the more you'll earn money. Keep tapping on Buddy to leave him dead so that you can make more money. This money will help you purchase new weapons. 

Savings matter - What you must know is that each weapon comes at a different price. Again, the amount of bucks you win is based on the weapon that you use. It is best to save your money by investing in weapons strategically. There are certain weapons that you can purchase with gold, which can be bought using actual money. 

Daily log in - To earn in-game money for , log in daily. You can collect your rewards one time every day. After you have logged in for 15 days in a row, you can win 5,000 bucks. You will be entitled to earn gold or even weapons like Snail, Torch, and X-ray. 

Use a variety of weapons - Trying a single weapon all the time on Buddy may not help you win a lot of in-app money. That's why you must opt for different weapons to increase your earnings in the game. 

Social media connect - You have the option of following the Instagram page of this game to get more updates and news. There are different ways to access  items with the help of your social media connection in this game. 

Well, this is what sums up Kick the Buddy game for stress relief and fun. There is no pressure while playing this game, which gives you time to relax while enjoying what Buddy has to say. If you decide to play this interactive ragdoll game, do not hesitate to share your thoughts below as it can be helpful for others wanting to let out some steam in their life. 


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