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Kick the Buddy

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Do you like arcade games? Kick The Buddy is the game for you! Buddy looks like a brown doll and is also blue in some places. There is a large blue area in the torso area surrounded by a white star with a blue outline, most likely representing a shirt. This shirt area appears to be sewn to the lower part of the torso, and each arm has a blue section sewn to another section, supporting the idea that Buddy has a shirt. Each limb, including the head, is joined together by cords, but these appear to be infinitely stretchable. Buddy's eyes appear to have black plastic beads that appear to shine. Buddy has a human-like mouth, but appears to have no lips. Players can use various musical instruments to entertain Buddy, the game's protagonist, or they can use any weapon, object or force of nature at their disposal to harm their partner. Use pocket knives, submachine guns, rocket launchers, explode, destroy, fire, shoot, smash, freeze, throw, send the power of the gods and don't even want to stop. You now have an almost unlimited arsenal of weapons to defeat them: rockets, grenades, automatic rifles, even nukes! You can also use your weapons to defeat them. There are even tanks to shoot the hanging dolls. Each attack drops gold coins, collect more to unlock powerful weapons.

We show you Kick the Buddy - it's not just a light-hearted game, and it's not just a stress game. It's a top-notch interactive action game. Of all the stress-reducing games, Kick the Buddy is a light-hearted game where you can slap the dolls and forget about anger. It's a fun game to play when you're bored.

Do you want to beat the boss, or slap him?

Want to smash everything around you in this destruction game?

Want more of a kick in the balls?

Even if you're a relatively stress-free person, you need to relax in a stressful game like ours.

How to play

This is a really interactive game in which you get a buddy to do whatever you want him to do. You can kick him, hit him, make him a target for missiles or test his limits and play baseball or basketball with him. It's all up to you. You can earn money to buy new weapons and new items to use for more extreme torture on him, don't worry. Your friends won't mind, because in this relationship you're definitely the boss!

During the game, the villain will also gibber and complain every now and then, as if protesting against you, but don't worry about what the fuck he's saying, just fat punch him. You can even hold one finger on his body and the other on his head to "cut him in half" and he'll scream in pain. The game is also interesting in terms of earning money, the more painful the puppet is, the more money you get, but I feel that the speed of earning money is quite slow, and the abuse props are so expensive, so it's not as easy as you think to do a good job of abusing people!

In the settings you can also change the avatar of the Muppet, if anyone offends you, secretly change his avatar on it and then beat him up, very stress relieving, is not it?

Unfortunately, professional review of the Kick the Buddy app is not yet ready. This app is on the list and will be reviewed in the nearest feature. Meanwhile, you can find more from the official description below.

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