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Five Nights at Freddy's

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Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza's new summer job, where kids and parents alike can be entertained and fed! The main attraction is of course Freddy Fazbear. and his two friends. They are electronically animated robots, programmed to please the crowds! However, the robots' behaviour at night becomes somewhat unpredictable and it is much cheaper to hire you as a security guard than to get a repairman.

The series focuses on a fictional restaurant called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, a restaurant designed by the real-life Surprise Mouse and ShowBiz Pizza Place. night guard, using different props to survive and avoid being attacked by the murderous animal mechanical dolls. The fourth game takes a different approach, taking place in a child's home, where the player must confront the nightmare robot doll and close the door at the right time to avoid harm. The fifth game takes place in a maintenance facility owned by the sister company of "Freddy the Bear's Pizza Restaurant". This time the player takes on the role of a technician who carries out various tasks according to the instructions given by the AI. The sixth game is a simulation game in which the player takes on the role of the owner of a pizza restaurant, paying for items and decorating the restaurant. Similar to its predecessor, the player must work the night shift in the pizza restaurant.

In your small office you must watch the security cameras carefully. You are allowed a very limited amount of power each night. This means that when you run out of power at night - no more security doors and lights! If anything goes wrong - that is, if Freddybear or his friends aren't in the right place - you have to find them on the monitors and protect yourself if you need to!

Can you stay at Freddy's house for five nights?

How to play

The Five Nights in the Teddy Bear's Harem master series are thriller-themed video games in which players act as night guards at "Freddy the Fancy Bear's Pizza Restaurant" or its associated locations. In each game, the player has to survive 5 nights (with the exception of the pizza restaurant simulator which takes 6 days), and each night increases in difficulty. There is an unlockable sixth night (except for the sister locations and the pizza restaurant simulator), and additional nights (except for the third game): the first two games have a customisable seventh night, which allows the player to customise the level of artificial intelligence of the mechanical dolls; the fourth game has a seventh night (Nightmare Night) and an eighth night (20/20/20/20 mode); the sister locations have a customisable Sister Places is the only game with only five nights (not including its DLC); and Pizza Restaurant Simulator is the only game with six days and no nights.

Closed Circuit TV

The first three games, as well as the false endings and custom nights of the sister locations, feature CCTVs, considered by players to be a "classic" of the series. The CCTV allows the player to confirm the location of the mechanical dolls. Players can only observe one location at a time, and some areas may not be viewable via CCTV. Most of the monitors do not have good picture quality, sometimes the colours are even black and white and full of noise. In the third game, the monitor may also be unusable due to errors. The player can use the monitor to perform some operations elsewhere, such as lighting specific areas in the second game.


Doors are an integral element of the entire series, as they are how the mechanical dolls invade and attack the player. However, the pizza restaurant simulator uses vents instead of doors, and not all doors can be closed in every game, such as the second and third games. In the second game, the hood takes the place of the door and must be put on immediately when the mechanical doll appears in front of the player in order to be safe from attack. In the third game, if a mechanical doll has already appeared near the door, the player has to wait for it to attack the player, except for a short delay.

In the first game and the sister location (false ending), the player must close the door when the mechanical doll appears next to it, but this will consume power. In the fourth game, the player has to walk to the door to close it. The player must listen for the mechanical doll to be near the door and close it immediately if it is there, or use the torch if it is not.

Lighting (lights, torches)

Lighting devices are generally used to chase away mechanical dolls or to alert them to their presence. The lighting device in the first game is a lamp at the doorway, which the player must activate by clicking a button on the wall to illuminate the doorway. The player can use it to check if the mechanical dolls are near the door. The second game is similar to the first game, except that the player can only use it in the air vents, and the activation method and use is similar to the first game. The player also has a torch in this game, which the player can use at the doorway and on the monitor. The player must turn it on and off by pressing and holding the control keys on the keyboard, but similar to the previous game it has a limited battery life. In addition to confirming the presence of the mechanical doll and illuminating excessively dark areas of the monitor, the torch must also be used by the player to fight Hoth.

The fourth game is also similar to the first game in that the player can use it outside doors, in closets, and around beds. In this one, however, the player uses a torch similar to the one in the second game, but without the battery life. The lighting device in the sister location is mounted on the control panel and, due to its different style of play, does not serve any function other than to observe the mechanical dolls. When passing through Jolly Hoss's room, the player can use the unseen flash, which can be used to quickly gather directions in a completely dark room on nights three and five[. In the pizza restaurant simulator, the player must shine a torch through the vents to avoid the mechanical dolls from entering.


The Jumpscare is an essential element of every game, as it is one of the things that put the game on the map. With the exception of the third game, any mechanical doll that successfully arrives and attacks the protagonist will normally cause the player to suffer a Jumpscare and the game will end. Exceptions to this rule include players being surprised by ghostly mechanical dolls in the third game, which only cause a system error and do not kill the player. Most of the spooks are scenarios where a mechanical doll suddenly appears in front of the player with a loud roar. Some sudden scares, including those of Golden Freddy, Nightmare and Nightmare Golem, are single images supplemented by ear-splitting, distorted audio. These sudden scares usually crash or restart the game. Players can use the props mentioned above to avoid being attacked and avoid sudden scares.


Since the first game, players have been able to hear another person (usually a former employee or the owner of a particular location) talk and leave voice messages during the game, and players have referred to him as Phone Guy, which is how Gokou came to be known. These calls can be described as gameplay tutorials, explaining how to play while he may also give a background summary of the player's location. In the first and second game, the voice heard from the message is the same. In the third game it is with a rather heavy Californian English accent, although from the second night onwards he stops talking and is replaced by a tape he has found. In the fourth game the calls no longer appear, but are replaced by text-based instruction. Although the player can faintly hear the calls from the first game, it is thought that this is just an egg. Starting with the sister location, an artificial intelligence called the Hand Unit replaces this element. The Hand Unit will become the player's guide, giving tasks and guiding the player.

Ventilation Vents

The vent makes its first appearance in the second game. Vents are usually the second way for the mechanical dolls to approach the player. Usually there is an associated sound to warn the player when a mechanical doll enters the vent. In the second game, when a mechanical doll appears in the blind spot area of a vent the player must immediately put on a hood and wait for them to leave; in the third game, once a mechanical doll appears in a vent the player must seal it as soon as possible; in the false endings and custom nights in the sister locations, if the player notices a mechanical doll approaching the player through a vent they must immediately close the entrance; and in the pizza restaurant simulator, if the player notices In the Pizza Restaurant Simulator, if the player notices movement or sound from one of the vents, they must immediately turn off the computer and the extractor fan and shine a torch on the corresponding vent and wait for them to leave.


From the second game onwards, players can play mini-games in the game. These mini-games are usually presented in the retro style of 8-bit Atari games. Players can launch and play the mini-games in certain ways, such as in the second game and the sister locations, where the player has the opportunity to enter the mini-game upon death, and in the third game, where they need to click on certain items to enter certain mini-games[29]. Similar overworld mini-games also appear after passing the third and fourth game. These mini-games generally tell of events that are related to the backstory, although they are almost always presented in a way that is vague in meaning. For example, players have speculated that the mini-game in Teddy Bear's Five Night's Harem 2 depicts the murder previously mentioned in the first game, while the mini-game in Teddy Bear's Five Night's Harem 4 tells the story of the main character's death in the unfortunate incident at the end of that game.


Quests appear for the first time in a sister location chapter, replacing the previous time system. Players must complete missions while ensuring they are not attacked by mechanical dolls. In the sister locations chapter, the player is assigned different tasks, such as restarting the entire location on the second night. In the pizza restaurant simulator, however, the tasks that the player must perform during business hours are the same.

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