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Guardian Tales
Android Adventure Puzzle iOS strategy Multiplayer Cartoon Casual anime Role-playing Advance Mode Challenge GT
  • Version : 2.11.3
  • Updated : March 9, 2021
  • Size : 236.21MB
  • Developer : Kakao Games Corp.

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The storyline of the game tells the story of the newest member of the Royal Guard Guardians of the Kingdom of Canterbury, the Guardian Knight. After completing his first training as a Guardian

Begin your adventure in Kanterbury, a world in turmoil due to an attack by invaders and destined to be saved by the legendary Guardians!

Guardian Knights face a group of enemies called "invaders" who want to rule the world.

The Guardian Knight (you can name your character and choose its gender) is a knight who has just joined the Canterbury Statue of the Guardians of Canterbury Kingdom.

The Guardians, who have just completed their training with the other members, are informed that they have been attacked. Led by Captain Eva, the knight and the others rush to the front door of the castle

to defend against the intruder's biological attack. But as they fend off the intruders, a huge fireball falls on them, causing the Guardian Knights to be thrown off

but was rescued by a mysterious stranger. After the front door of the palace was broken, a group of invaders evil creatures attacked the capital of the kingdom.

The Guardian Knight manages to fight the invaders' offensive line, rescuing his friends Bob  and Linda 

and reunited with Captain Eva . The two then rush to the Grand Palace, but are stopped by a giant minotaur. Knight and Eva manage to defeat it.

They return to the palace to meet with the Little Princess and Cammie. With Cammie using her powers to evacuate people to safety.

Four of them then begin to leave, but are attacked by the Dark Magician, who brings an attack of invaders into Canterbury. The only reason they survived.

The young princess used her powers to "slow down" the Dark Magician, which gave Cammie the space and time to use her flying magic.

During the attack, the Guardian Knights, Captain Eva, Bob, Linda, Princess and Cammie survived. But when Cammie and Captain Eva escape from the air

They were attacked by the pursuing dark magicians and disappeared. The guardian knight and the little princess fell from the outskirts of Canterbury  near the forest.

After fainting, the guardian knight found a group of goblins who wanted to kidnap her chasing the young princess. The adventure begins with a journey in their quest to escape

while finding a way to free Canterbury from the clutches of the invaders.

Join the game to start your adventure and save your world with your knightly life!

There are more stories, quests, events, rewards and more! If you like this game, you can also learn more about the same type of game recommended Postknight Whether you are a brave warrior or a strategist, various combinations are waiting for you to discover! We are waiting for you to join us!

How to play

You can control the "Guardian Knight" in a top-down manner (if needed, you can control another "Hero" at the next level). The game features controls in the lower right and lower left corners of the joystick screen.

You can lift heavy boulders, throw bombs, fling yourself over obstacles and discover the hidden path to the magical treasure!

If you want to go to the next round of the game, you have to fight some enemies, using all tactics from running to lure them to the desired area, but if the battle is not over, you will be "locked".

You will be "locked" in that area. You can also unlock new heroes throughout the game, and you can get new weapons by opening boxes or finding hidden locations.

When you initially complete a stage you will rest and receive healing in the forest, but after completing Chapter 1 you will land at the Paradise Inn.

This is an airfield run by the innkeeper Loranen. You can also summon heroes by using gems each time you try. You can also join a guild with other players.

Explore the dark and dangerous dungeons and challenge the behemoth leaders within! Evil pig monsters beware, the heroes have arrived!

This will open a Raid mode for 4 chiefs that

Unlocking Heavehold will also give you access to other game modes, such as Colosseum and Arena. These two challenges will allow you to fight with other players.

In Colosseum mode, you will risk fighting 4 heroes against 4 heroic opponents. The game will be played automatically, but you can arrange your position before the battle, gather and synergize several heroes in the best strategy to fight in real time and face off with others for glory!

Whereas in Arena you can only control one of three heroes and can compete online against heroic opponents If a hero loses, you will be replaced by a second and third hero

until the last hero loses. In Kama-Zone mode, you perform the same as in the Roman Colosseum, but move up through the ranks to the superior level. Co-op is a new mode added in this version.

features a dungeon raid level with 4 players.

Join the game to explore different looking locations, interact with different characters, make new friends and show off your heroes, so get in on the action!


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