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War Robots

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ROBLOX is a new survival simulation game that combines shooting, RPG, puzzle solving, racing and more. The game has a classic square pixel style screen. You can collect various materials to create your own buildings. There is a wealth of content to customize your character's clothing and appearance, and use various virtual currencies to buy useful props and more. The screen has a strong pixel style.

ROBLOX players can use their imagination to make props, etc., to make their favorite style of clothing and enhance your sense of participation. The most important thing in the game is to stay alive. Under the limited conditions, try to defeat every powerful enemy and live to the end, looking forward to your joining. Everyone can enjoy the game and enjoy creativity and creation. Join a team of millions of players now and explore with them the infinite immersive experiences created by a global creative community! From FPS and RPG to racing and puzzle games, there's something for everyone.

How to play

Initially give up all the upgraded mech weapons of the character, open the second slot, and buy Cossack mech, weapons using the initial weapons of this mech, and then buy Destrier, weapons initial. Open Cossack grab tower until destroyed, then use Destrier output, this game victory to get gold, grab tower rush to get gold, output damage to get silver. When there are enough gold coins to open three slots.

Patton, 3 slots also buy a GL. Patton, the first GL weapons equipped with 300 meters missiles SURA-F Pinata 4, the second GL equipped with 600 meters tracking missiles AT Spiral 4, the economy allows the Cossack weapons for Ecu physical shield (Shields can only defend against weapons that hit the shield, please turn the screen reasonably to defend against enemy attacks).

Opening still Cossack grab tower until destroyed, and then out of GL300 missiles through the obstacles to avoid attacks forward, 300 range to attack the enemy mechs, a round of attacks after their own dodge waiting for the loading time (Note: this configuration in good network conditions, the enemy does not hang all hit the enemy mechs, the enemy mechs up to silk blood, generally able to kill in seconds). According to this method of output, after being destroyed out of GL600 meters tracking missiles, stay behind the barrier, lock the enemy out of the output, and then immediately back to the barrier, continuous output.

Option 2. Cossack unchanged, the economy allows weapons for Ecu physical shields, after 2 slots for mechs were Schutze, Schutze, weapons are changed to 500 meters shotgun Ecc Thunder, opening Cossack grab tower, was destroyed out of Schutze (this mech is fast, small size, more flexible) fast face the enemy, recommended Distance 150 meters, open the fight, around the enemy mech around the circle to fight, high damage and their own not easy to be hit (this method please low party, network instability party, handicapped party do not try) continuous output.

According to the above method to brush out 1000 gold, open 4 slots, but do not rush into the senior field, first the mech to level 2, weapons all 6 levels, their own configuration 4 slot mech (please do not configure heavy mech or wp mech), combat, buy enough 4 heavy mech in the warehouse upgrade, heavy mech all 9 upgrades to shift speed full (about 9 levels), weapons all 10 levels, before entering the senior field.

About the advanced field mech configuration, I only introduced silver mech: Natasha a recommended weapon configuration for heavy slot 2 wp weapons total 15000wp E-Ww Trebuchet accumulator gun, range 1500 meters (radar range only 1100 meters), light slot 2 gold weapons total 1500 gold GEKKO XX laser, range 1500 meters. A Griffin, light 2wp weapon 350m energy cannon EP Magnum total 7500wp, medium 2 350m energy cannon E-SG Taran. the remaining two Leo Leo, one heavy weapon 500m Ecc Thunder shotgun, light 3 350m energy cannon EP Magnum, another heavy gold weapon 1200 gold 600 meters range energy weapon Zeus, light 3 laser GEKKO XX.

Unfortunately, professional review of the War Robots app is not yet ready. This app is on the list and will be reviewed in the nearest feature. Meanwhile, you can find more from the official description below.

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  • Byharlow
    umm is it a good game?
  • Bycarter
    I love this game so much
  • Byyour mom
    love this game
  • Byshaun bruckner
    cool game I love it
  • Bygunther
    wow its cool



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