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Grand Theft Auto III

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Grand Theft Auto III is a TV and computer action game produced by DMA Design (the predecessor of Rockstar North). It was released by Rockstar Games on the console PlayStation 2 in October 2001. It was released in May 2002 based on a Microsoft Windows computer. Version, released in 2011, a mobile platform version supporting IOS and Android operating systems. The Xbox version was released in November 2003. The work is part of the Grand Theft Auto series, formerly known as "Grand Theft Auto II". "Grand Theft Auto III" is also the first time the series has been released on PlayStation 2.

The game revolves around an unnamed criminal who was betrayed by his girlfriend in a bank robbery. Before the protagonist confronts her and gets the final chance of revenge, he needs to rely on himself and other gangsters to provide tasks and jobs to gradually become a city in the city. Crime boss. Like the previous game, "Grand Theft Auto III" achieves a sandbox-like gameplay. Players can freely perform various activities in a large city, such as completing tasks, exploring the city, committing crimes, or completing secondary tasks.

The concept and gameplay of the game, as well as the first combination of the 3D game engine RenderWare in the series, made "Grand Theft Auto III" extremely popular after its release and became the best-selling game in 2001.

Grand Theft Auto III can be said to be a blockbuster in action games. I recommend this game to you based on its three advantages. The first advantage is that the content of the game is very rich. Although this is an action game, players can view many interesting stories contained in the original movie. This will provide them with relative convenience in performing relative tasks. In addition, players will also enjoy playing this game.

The second advantage of the game is that the player can easily control the game. In this game, players can easily switch visual angles. In addition, although this game involves many different characters and weapons, it is not a tricky thing for players to press relative keys to complete their assigned tasks.

The final advantage of the game is the high quality of the game’s background music. When playing ordinary action games, players may be disturbed by battle sounds. But as far as this game is concerned, there is no such problem. Generally speaking, this action game is very challenging and exciting. Therefore, if you are a fan of action games, this game is definitely for your taste. Unfortunately you missed it. What are you waiting for? Come and join this game.

How to play

Generally speaking, you need to complete various tasks in the game. If you insist on performing your task and not wasting too much time, you can complete the game's story mode in 10 to 13 hours. Of course, if you are a skilled player, you will have less time to complete all tasks in story mode. Don't worry, most of these tasks are simple.

For example, you can steal a specific car and then drive it back to the location safely without destroying it. Or seduce a bunch of apprentices and try to create opportunities to blow up their precious tanks. Of course, since you are a soldier, you can expect to use a variety of modern weapons. You will have pistols, shot bullet guns, submarine guns and all other types of weapons. But don't lower your vigilance because you have powerful weapons because the enemy may drop more powerful weapons. And can only carry one weapon at a time. Therefore, it makes sense to collect all these bullets for later use.

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