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If you are looking for a strategic and fun game with a bit of action and adventure, you must go for DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE. If you love Dragon Ball, you will appreciate this action-puzzle game, which you can play on your Android and your iOS devices. At the first sight, you feel confused about the characters and you may wonder about How to play this game, but once you understand the methods, you will get used to it. It's also free to play, and before you jump right into the gameplay, it's recommended to understand the tricks and tips, it will help you level up faster than your friends. Also, if you are playing this game to win, you will find these tips of utmost help as the game battles are very strategic. 

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE has a new and refreshing approach to the genre of anime action games. The battles are simple but it's addictive. You have to add the "Ki" spheres during the war to attack your enemies. You can take your time to fight at your pace, it's one of the best Dragon Ball games to play on your mobile, and with better strategies, you can win faster. 

You will get all your favorite characters from the Dragon Ball series. You will get characters from DBS and DBZ, with "Goku," "Saiyan," and their friends, "Jiren," "Beerus," "Cell," "Frieza," and many more. You can call up your favorite Dragon Ball characters and create the best team. You can awaken and train your team members to play the game. 

Help bring back order in the Dragon ball, and you have to go through timelines and quest modes. You will get to experience your favorite anime characters, and play in the events of "Dokkan" with the world tournaments. If you are a pro in this game, you can take up the challenges of Z and Super battles. DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE is filled with new and exciting experiences that you will not find with any strategy and action-puzzle games. It has some unique features that make this game addictive. Check out the specific features here: 

You will get all your favorite DB characters here

Collect the "Ki" spheres to activate the super attacks 

Play at your comfortable pace and plan the battles strategically

Click and link the "Ki" spheres to attack your enemies. 

Experience the game in 2D animations and illustrations

Summon your favorite and classic characters in the game to build your team. 

Train your team for the epic battles and bring order to the timeline of Dragon Ball. 

At the starting point of the game, you will get more "Dragon Stones," and you have to save them. These are as rare gems, and when you are playing this free game, you need to save more stones. 

To win the game levels, you need to train your characters, and collect more items. You can log in to play the game, and if you are not playing constantly, then you can log in once in a while and collect the rewards. 

Every day you will get different events, and you must take the opportunity of it. Participating in the events will help you get more rewards, and it will be great when you are new to this gaming platform. Store the rewards and unlock the characters or get "Zeni." Also, each time you go to a battle, pack a healing item with you, this way you will be ready to fight at any moment. 

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE is a free game, but you have to pay real money to buy some special items. You will get upgrades and it will be filled with better functions, events, a new feature for "Dokkan Scout," you can post on social media while playing the game, a better user interface, some bug fixes, and other things that will help you win the levels. To play this game you need to know the right strategies, and to have the right ideas, you can follow the steps below. 

How to play

Once you read the Description of this strategy game of anime characters from DB, you need to know how to play the game. As this is an action-puzzle and strategy game, you must have some tips up on your sleeves to prepare yourself for the battles. To understand the gameplay, let's follow the game method. 

Check the step-by-step process to play and have fun with the DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE Game. 

Step #1

Goku and his friends need to train more fiercely to win the battles, so you need to understand the launching of the best attacks. You can do this by collecting as much as "Ki" by clicking on the bottom section of glowing spheres, closer to your character. The three characters that will attack each other will be selected randomly from your team, but you don't have to follow the order to line them up. Characters mostly attack from left to right side, even your foes, and you must consider moving them on the screen. 

Step #2

You have to play defense at first. You will get five types of colors for the characters and you can see the relationship at the top right corner of the screen. You can place one character in front of the enemy, for example, you can put a red team member to battle an orange foe, it will ensure less damage when the enemy starts to fight. Another thing you may have to consider is that some characters have a bond that will increase the force of the attack. You can check the skill of the link or bond at the bottom of the character's card. 

Step #3

You must keep up with the training mode, this way you will earn more energy. To get the best out of the training, you can choose a training partner in the same color as the character you are trying to level up and earn more experience. If you choose two identical characters it will help you win the super attack levels. You have to invest a bit of time in the training mode, and use all the special partners here, and this way you can return to the battleground to fight the fiercest enemies. 

Step #4

You will get bonuses when you track down all the dragon balls. To capture them, you can look for more allies, and it will increase to ten characters. This way you can build better strategies for the battles. This is not just collecting the seven dragon balls, but you have to give more importance to the battles. Once you become a pro at battle, you will gain more bonuses. 

Step #5

At last, you have to move the characters to set the attack in order. If there's a line of red "Ki" you need to put a trained character in front of the enemy to get a better advantage. 

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE is for action puzzle and strategy game lovers. You will get no complexities in this game platform, it's all about making strategies and training, and while you win the battles and collect Dragon balls you will gain more bonuses. You will get special updates for this game like better function, events, a new feature for "Dokkan Scout," you can post on social media while playing the game, a better user interface, and some bug fixes. 

So, why waste time playing other video games, when you can play this strategy and training game on your mobile. Also, keep in mind that while you plan and enjoy this action anime game, you can share your thoughts, feedback and reviews in the comment box at the below section of this article. Your thoughts and reviews will inspire other action puzzle and strategy game lovers, and they will also provide their opinions and experiences. Let us create a better game community for DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE game and help other DB game lovers. 


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As an anime fan to the game, it can be said to be very successful, and the reproduction of the anime plot is very restored. At the same time, the game has a good sense of action, the diversification of moves, and the open world's interactivity are very good.

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