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Devil May Cry 5

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The threat of demonic power threatens the world again in Devil May Cry 5. The invasion began when the seeds of the "Devil Tree" took root in the Red Tomb. As the hell-like invasion began to occupy the city, a young demon hunter Nero and his partner Nico came to their "Ghost Cry" car room. Nero couldn’t find his right arm, so he invited Nico, a self-proclaimed weapon painter, to design various unique mechanical Devil Breaker weapons to give him extra power to fight evil demons, such as the blood-sucking Empussa and the giant’s enemy Goli Ya.

How to play

Has three playable characters, each character has a completely different style of stylish fighting game, because they are occupied by demons in the city

Breakthrough graphics-the series is developed using Capcom’s internal proprietary RE engine, and its graphic fidelity has reached a new level, these graphics use realistic character design and amazing lighting and environmental effects

Reduce Devilish Invasion-Fight against the epic leader of Adrenaline, which angered the battle of the overloaded Red Tomb City, all of which brought the real killer sound

Demon Hunter-Nero is one of the main characters in the series, and is also a young demon hunter. He has the blood of Sparda. He takes weapons craftsman and new criminal Nico to the Red Tomb to face the demonic hell.

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