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Survival Game Master

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Survival Game Master is a game based on Survival Game, but the game as a whole is more relaxed and casual and suitable for more people. The game is simple and very interesting, in this game the player does not play as a participant, but as the game organizer to start the game.

When you enter the game, you will start recruiting for the game and attract more poor people to participate in the game. After bringing the participants to the playing field, they will automatically participate in the challenge. You can then lead the next wave of people to another playing field to participate in the challenge. After a while, you can see that cash is displayed at the entry site, which means that these participants helped you earn a cash prize.

The more people that participate in the challenge, the more cash rewards you will earn. So in order to maximize your earnings, you'll have to keep building tournament sites in new locations, and this will cost you cash. Once you have accumulated a certain amount of cash, you can build new playing fields. At the same time, recruit staff to help you share the task of leading the participants so that you can manage more easily and have more time to plan and build the race venues.

How to earn more wealth is something you always have to think about. Survival Game Master may seem simple, but it tests your time management skills and strategic abilities. Only if you have all these abilities at the same time, you can become a qualified organizer. Are you ready to start recruiting more participants now!

How to play

Survival Game Master is a casual idle game where you take on the role of the game master of the popular Squid Game. Your goal is to collect as many homeless people as possible, let them participate in the game, and get a lot of money from VIPs to expand your game.

The game is divided into two main parts: the game show and the management part.

Game show

In the game show part, you will watch as the homeless people compete in a variety of deadly challenges, such as Red Light, Green Light, the Dalgona Candy challenge, and the Tug-of-War. You can choose to speed up the game or watch it unfold in real time.

As the game master, you have the power to eliminate players at any time. You can also choose to save certain players, if you wish. However, be careful not to be too merciful, or you will lose the support of the VIPs.


In the management part of the game, you will need to use the money you earn from the VIPs to expand your game and recruit more homeless people. You will also need to upgrade your facilities and hire staff to help you run the game smoothly.

As your game grows in popularity, you will attract more VIPs and earn more money. However, you will also need to deal with more challenges, such as protests from human rights groups and sabotage attempts from rival game masters.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the gameplay:

1. Recruiting homeless people

You can recruit homeless people by setting up recruitment booths in different parts of the city. The more booths you have, the more homeless people you can recruit. You can also upgrade your booths to attract more high-quality contestants.

2. Organizing the game show

Once you have enough contestants, you can start organizing the game show. You can choose from a variety of different challenges, each with its own unique rules and mechanics. You can also adjust the difficulty of the challenges to make the game more or less challenging.

3. Managing the VIPs

The VIPs are your main source of income. They pay you to watch the game show and bet on the contestants. You need to keep the VIPs happy by providing them with a good show and by giving them the opportunity to win big bets.

4. Expanding your game

As you earn more money, you can expand your game by building new facilities and hiring more staff. You can also upgrade your existing facilities to make them more efficient.

5. Dealing with challenges

As your game grows in popularity, you will face more challenges, such as protests from human rights groups and sabotage attempts from rival game masters. You need to deal with these challenges carefully in order to keep your game running smoothly.

Tips for success:

Recruit high-quality contestants. The better the contestants, the more exciting the game show will be for the VIPs.

Organize challenging games. The VIPs want to see a good show, so make sure to choose games that are challenging and exciting.

Keep the VIPs happy. The VIPs are your main source of income, so make sure to keep them happy by providing them with a good show and by giving them the opportunity to win big bets.

Expand your game. The more you expand your game, the more money you can earn.

Deal with challenges carefully. The challenges you face will become more difficult as your game grows in popularity. Be careful to deal with them carefully in order to keep your game running smoothly.

Survival Game Master is a fun and challenging idle game that puts you in the shoes of the game master of the popular Squid Game. The game is easy to learn but difficult to master. With a little bit of planning and strategy, you can become the most successful game master in the world!


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