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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Android Adventure Action iOS Battle Multiplayer entertainment Casual boys single player Challenge Girls group Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  • Version : 2.1.25
  • Updated : May 13, 2020
  • Size : 95.3MB
  • Developer : Moonton

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Lead your team to victory and overtake enemy territory in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a brand new MOBA battlefront game. 

Unique characters, seamless gameplay, and lightning-fast combat make this game one full of thrills at every turn. Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang today for an excitement-rich collaborative adventure that will keep you entertained for countless hours

Classic Maps and 5v5 Battles

Battle in 5v5 matches against real players and in real-time for an exhilarating gaming experience.

For fans of the classic MOBA gaming format, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has all the gameplay elements you know and love, including:

3 separate lanes

4 distinct jungle areas

18 defense towers

2 challenging bosses

Teamfighting and solo combat opportunities

Perfect Your Strategy and Carry Your Team to Victory

Unlike some modern MOBA games, there is no playing for stats in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Instead, all you need to carry your team to victory is a winning strategy and masterful skill.

Hone your skills by playing round after round, and cultivate a strategy that propels you to victory every single time. In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you play to win—not pay to win.

Collaborate With Teammates to Banish Enemies

Choose from one of several roles to assume in each match, including:Mages、Tanks、Marksmen、Assasins、Supports 、Healers

Block enemy attacks, cast spells, and support your teammates to propel yourself to victory and earn the title of Match MVP. Play with friends and develop a strategy that highlights everyone's strengths for ultimate success.

Over 100 Playable Characters

Keep gameplay fresh and exciting in every round! With over 100 playable characters, there's no shortage of unique skills and strengths to master.

Select a different character each time you play, or pick your favorite and work toward mastery. In multiplayer mode, collaborate with friends and form a team that dominates on the battlefield—coordinating strengths and weaknesses is a surefire path to victory every time!

Easily Master Simple Controls

Forget about complicated combat rules that detract from the fun and adventure of the game.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang features simple controls consisting of only a joystick and a set of skill buttons—two fingers are all you need to be successful on the battlefield! 

Autolock, target switching, and a convenient tap-to-equip system add to the easy gameplay and allow you to focus on combat rather than complicated controls. 

Instant Matchmaking and 10-Minute Rounds

Skip the wait and join a match in just ten seconds with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's lightning-fast matchmaking system. 

With ten-minute rounds, you can gloss over the slow-paced initial leveling up and dive headfirst into intense 5v5 combat. Less repetitive farming means more thrilling actions and adrenaline-fueled victories.

Anywhere, any time, load up Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for a heart-pumping adventure in seconds.

Convenient AI Offline Assistance

Never worry about letting your team down due to a bad connection. With powerful reconnection services and offline AI assistance, you can be back on the battlefield in seconds.

Outsmart your enemies and show off your skills in combat. Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang today for a fast-paced multiplayer adventure.

How to play

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game, choose your hero and start fighting!

There are heroes with different skills in the game, players choose their favorite heroes to fight according to their preferences, and when ready, the system will match opponents and teammates of the same level according to the player's level in just 10 seconds.

To win big in the game, players must master the skills of each hero and how to use them. In addition to that, you have to establish a good cooperation with your team and cooperate with each other to cover the enemy together!

In addition to basic hero control and teamwork, it is crucial that players learn to use the game's map feature, which will be in the upper left corner of the game. You don't have much time in the game, so you just need to master your route based on the map. With the map, you can also predict the enemy's actions and prepare your next move!

It's not just about simply killing the enemy in the game, it's about advancing towards the enemy base and destroying it so that you and your team have a better chance of winning!


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    hola me gusto este juego mucho gracias mucho por hacerlo esta muy bien
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    i love fnaf
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    aku nak sangat main ml
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    aku nak main ml
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    achei muito legal eu jogo muito esse jogo de tao bom que ele e
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