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Pokemon GO

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Once again, the Pokémon world has gone crazy. This time, cute pocket monsters invaded our parks, roads and even houses. We can’t stop running around to collect items-using futuristic augmented reality to capture 3D monsters will make them feel as if they are indeed there.

How to play

"Pokémon GO" caused a global sensation in gaming. Now you can fight other players online! immediatelyJoin trainers around the world, they explore the world around them while exploring Pokémon.

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- Professional Critic -

Caryn Martin

Love this game! We play a lot. I am very grateful for the extra locking bonus during this period. This is a great game. My only suggestion is that we really should be able to get help from friends in other countries. Maybe when we are still locked, we can get a free remote raid pass every day instead of the regular raid pass.

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  • Bywolf is mega retard
    why do you not understand wolf its not hard oh wait your a tard
  • Bysilas
    im retated pokemon loves my mother pokemon cool said my dad
  • Byclifford
    beatrix is stupid like what are you even saying all is understand is i lick the pokemon game but i wod lick it if it wus 1day
  • ByCalosGarcia
    it look like it fun
  • ByCalosGarcia
    it look like it fun


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