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Pokemon GO

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The most popular Pokémon is undoubtedly the Pokemon, the appearance of each Pokemon is very cute and playful, and even the villainous role inside also harvested a large number of audience love. If you want to have a similarly cute Pokemon, then come to Pokémon GO!

Pokémon GO is a mobile game based on the Japanese comic, in this game, a substantial restoration of the various characters in the anime, so that each player will experience the special feeling of having Pokemon in the game. In addition, the game uses 3D graphics to make each Pokemon more realistic.

Players have to collect a variety of Pokemon in the game, and then train them to make them more powerful. Join the ranks of other trainers and work with them to collect the tricky Pokemon.

Battles are essential, use your collection of Pokemon to participate in the challenge, and other trainers to teach a challenge, just as in the anime, to start a challenge.

Pokémon GO not only takes players back to their childhood, but also allows them to have fun in the game!

How to play

The general gameplay of Pokémon GO is the same as in the anime, players have to collect different Pokemon and then train them!

At the beginning of the game, you want to set your image and then choose a first generation Pokémon. Then you can use the Poké Ball to collect Pokemon just like in the anime. To the Pokemon you want to collect and then throw the Pokemon ball, if hit, then the Pokemon will be you collected into the ball, at this point shake three times after not jump out then the Pokemon is you collected. The game can also collect Pokemon through VR mode, at this time, the Pokemon look like in the real environment, you have to quietly approach it.

Train the Pokemon you collect and then join the tournament to compete against each other and other Pokemon trainers. In the continuous collection and strengthening of Pokemon, your game level will get higher and higher level you can unlock more props and more powerful and rare Pokemon.


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- Professional Critic -

Caryn Martin

Love this game! We play a lot. I am very grateful for the extra locking bonus during this period. This is a great game. My only suggestion is that we really should be able to get help from friends in other countries. Maybe when we are still locked, we can get a free remote raid pass every day instead of the regular raid pass.

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  • Byrodrigo
    eu aida nao joguei
  • Byezekiel
    fun game
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