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Top Drives Car Cards Racing

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racing games may not be new to many players who love racing, race your favorite cars on a variety of tracks and gallop to your heart's content, each with a unique challenge.

Each one is luxurious, and you can upgrade your car in your garage to easily improve its performance, strength, and more while conducting races.

No matter what model you prefer, you'll always find the perfect car in this game where you create a garage full of the world's top custom cars and create your own exclusive lineup of the perfect race cars!

How to play

Before the race starts, you can choose to race on all the roads with different challenges and obstacles, and then you need to make arrangements for which race each car will participate in based on the specific race situation, which will make you need to familiarize yourself with the cars you are entering and make the right arrangements based on the different tracks and opponents.

Each car in the game is marked with specific data: top speed, acceleration, grip, drive mode, and tire type. These data will affect the performance of the car on the track, facing the track with many curves, the vehicle with better acceleration and tire grip will have an advantage, while facing the long straight track, it is necessary to refer to the performance of the top speed. 

 In the face of sandy roads, it is obvious that the tires become the focus. All the races are automatic, you can't operate the car during the race, and make program adjustments or ability upgrades according to the car's performance in the details of the race process. Improve your performance in the race.


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    best in the nation
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    I hope that they PlayStation five
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    i love the game i'm level 150
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    cool game



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