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Plague Inc

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Plague Inc is a simulation horror game in which players have to spread a virus throughout the world.

Plague Inc is different from the usual strategy games, but highly realistic, players feel like they are actually participating in a virus war.

Once players enter the game, they will have a new virus that will infect everyone with this pathogen and wipe out the human race. But in the process there will be scientists constantly developing an antidote, so the player's goal is to infect everyone before the antidote is developed!

The game launched a new way to play on November 9, 2020, in which the player will take on the role of a scientist developing an antidote. Obviously this game has the opposite purpose of the previous game, the player's goal is to develop an antidote before the human race is completely infected.

In Plague Inc, the player can experience the real game plot, a variety of viruses waiting for you to unlock. Can you destroy the world? Can you save the world? Try your abilities in Plague Inc!

How to play

The gameplay of Plague Inc. is not easy, and its content and operation skills test the player's patience. There is no doubt that Plague Inc. is a strategy game with three difficulty options: Easy, Normal, and Hard, so new players can start with Easy.

After entering the game, new players will only be able to use bacteria, and the rest of the pathogens need to be unlocked one by one. The game requires players to find a country on the world map infectious diseases poison, with the DNA points obtained to upgrade their pathogens. Upgraded viruses will be more contagious, have greater symptoms and cause more damage.

The pathogens in the game also have a variety of transmission methods, such as airborne, bird-borne, water-borne, etc. Players can learn about the spread through the latest news and the release of false news, while planning the direction of the spread.

Different viruses will produce different symptoms when infected, and some symptoms can also accelerate the spread of the virus, such as coughing airborne.

The game virus covers a lot of content, players need to take their time in the game to figure out!


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- Professional Critic -

Namek Sirius

Personally think that this is a very educational and playable game. Whether it's a little more difficult for a person, or going to a creative studio to play various open-minded scenes, the fun will not be lost to other games, which are dozens of times larger in size. When the epidemic broke out in late January, I hit another viral disaster. After playing the game, the overall response speed is absolutely commendable.

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  • ByMason
    I can't wait to play
  • ByFiscoFYRE
    The first time I saw this game I was on a bus and my friend/enemy showed me it and let me play it for like 2 minutes.
  • Bydevin
    its cool
  • Byjoseph Lin
    hi i want play this game
  • Byyrts
    dum scam im not dum



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