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Anno 1800 Standard

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Building for a Better Future

Rising a new colony from the ground never looked better as with Anno 1800. Every virtual building and civilian has multiple animations and different AI (artificial intelligence). Therefore, you’ll see various effects that make the video game more immersive.

This article will highlight those features that make the Anno Franchise (especially 1800) unique and appealing to the gaming community.

Anno 1800 Characteristics

● Astonishing Graphics: Even though it is not a “must” when it comes to video games, you’ll indeed have it here. Therefore, you’ll find good-looking pixels as you move the camera through different islands. Additionally, you’ll see multiple effects that make Anno 1800 appear more realistic. Lastly, thanks to the engine’s capabilities, you’ll find it easier to load different maps and move resources between places.

● Real-Time Strategy Mechanics: Move units (mostly boats) between different places as you try to accomplish other objectives within Anno 1800. There’s no waiting for players’ turns in here; in other words, you’ll need to move quickly and react quicker. Furthermore, to keep yourself in the game, it is necessary to form/break bonds with different players or NPCs (non-playable characters).

● Naval Combat: Unlike similar “RTS” games (like Age of Empires), you don’t have to kill every soldier or civilian from an enemy. Instead, in Anno 1800, you’ll need to break the island’s naval defenses and automatically conquer that terrain. As a result, you’ll need to move quickly between stages and build the strongest battleships to help you eradicate your enemies. Moreover, moving your units between places could take a long while if you play on larger maps. Most noteworthy, you can lose hours of progress if you fail a crucial attack.

● Multiplayer Features: Within the game, you have many ways to play with your friends or find new random players. First, you have the opportunity to use a single civilization with multiple people. Hence, you’ll have more ways to have better control between continents and manage different resources wisely. Second, you have the option to use a civilization per player, giving you better ways to think about diplomacy and team up against the powerful player. Lastly, you can use matchmaking and find random players to start a new run and see how it goes.

● Long Runs to Play: One gaming mechanic that makes Anno 1800 unique is how much it takes to see everything in a single run. Moreover, if you’re a new player for this franchise or genre, you’ll need additional time to learn how everything works. Still, it adds more fun to the game as you look for the different materials and understand the tricks.

● City Building: Learn how a single structure works in the game and how it might create an effect on adjacent buildings. Sometimes it becomes a challenge as you move these “pieces” until you discover an excellent harmony. 

● Updates Through Season Passes: The developers continue the support of this game each year with a Season Pass. When you acquire this item, you’ll get multiple DLCs that add more special gaming mechanics to the base game.

Take the challenge and help build a mighty civilization through the Industrial Revolution! Good Luck!

How to play

Lead Your People to Victory

With Anno 1800, you’ll find that things might look complicated at first, but once you “get it” a couple of times, things will turn much more straightforward.

To help you in this process, we’ll give you multiple hints and tips. When you finish with this article, you’ll have a clear view of the gaming mechanics of this video game.

Making Your City a Better Place

● Start Slow: If you’re new to this genre/franchise, take extra time to learn how to move around, how to activate the items on the menus, and how to place some buildings. Indeed, Anno 1800 allows you to use blueprints or “ghost buildings” to show you how things might look before using any resources. At the same time, you will see the area of effect and if your first city will have all the necessary items.

● Reduce Distances: The less time it takes to move resources between buildings, the more chances you’ll have to advance quickly. Therefore, move the structures around or make more roads for easy access. At the same time, you’ll aid your fire department when something explodes, and they need to extinguish any troubles.

● Create Strong Alliances: When you’re starting a new run, it is recommendable that you acquire a teammate or two. If you successfully get an ally, you’ll have ways to trade resources and assistance if you’re getting attacked. Keep those relationships healthy, and they will help you advance quickly.

● Fix Multiple Trade Routes: After a while, you’ll discover that moving too many trading ships might take too much effort. Moreover, you can even lose some units as you move through different areas and lose concentration with alerts. To avoid more troubles, you can set a route to a ship and see it move goods automatically by itself.

● Keep Those Defenses High: Remember that if the enemy destroys your naval defenses, you can lose an entire island full of resources. Additionally, they might target your trading ships and try to sunken them down. To avoid losses, move some battleships near your big islands and block any vulnerable paths. When you gather enough strength, move into an offensive stance and attack their territories. 

● Deal With Those Pirates: If you’re tired of their multiple demands, you could head straight to their base and destroy their defenses. Still, this isn’t enough because you won’t get the opportunity to control their territory. As a result, keep some ships near their island and give them a warm welcome to the game.

● Dominate the Entire Map: When you have enough resources and powerful ships, the last thing is to collect everything on the map. Therefore, you can break your old alliances and kick everyone out of the game with your outstanding fleet. 

● Expand through Different Continents: With the base game, you’ll get the opportunity to visit the “New World” and move resources between continents. Furthermore, with some Season Passes, you’ll get more ways to expand your civilization and move between more areas.

Become the next leader of the world and conquer entire continents! Good luck!


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