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Clash of Clans

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"Clash of Clans" mobile game is a classic strategy mobile game, this game is very test the player's strategic ability. The clash of tribes is based on the theme of strategy war. By operating their own village, players can gradually strengthen their forces, and then thousands of players can fight. After a village reaches a certain level, it can also form tribes with other villages to fight between tribes. In the Clash of Clans mobile game, you can not only form your own army and lead the tribe to victory, but you can also recruit the furious barbarians and the arsonist mages and other players into your command! Build a village, drive away the invaders, and fight. Millions of players worldwide. Build a powerful tribe with others and kill the enemy without leaving! In "Clash of Clans" you can also compete with players from all over the world, win their trophies, and feel the charm of the same arena. Based on real social networking, it allows players to experience the fun of making friends in reality, adding a lot of skills in life, and interacting with online friends in real time!

How to play

● Create or join to find teammates to form a tribe to fight against opponents.

● Battle tribal friends and win luxurious gifts.

● The war between the tribes shows its own strength, enhances the strength of the soldiers, and improves the combat effectiveness.

● Complete tribal missions with tribal friends to win magic gifts.

● Use urban defensive buildings to protect villages and prevent opponents from being robbed.

● You can choose single player missions to win mission rewards.

● Try to make different lineups of soldiers fight in different ways.

● Strengthening soldiers and training troops is a necessary condition for improving strength.

● Build your own village tribe in COC time to complete the challenge.

- Professional Critic -

Papa Troll

One of the best MMO games. Keeps you coming back and never getting bored and is rewarding to build your skill at. I know many players who have been playing for many, many years of all backgrounds worldwide. Like most games, it tries to sucker you into paying absurd amounts of money for boosts and advantages, but it can also be played without spending a lot with patience and strategy.

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  • Byluan
    cool game
  • Byluan barbosr
    i like this game
  • Byyossy
    cool game
  • ByYasin Erdinç
    oyun çok güzel
  • Bysai
    Me encanta


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