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Bendy and the Ink Machine

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Bendy and the Ink Machine is an adventure horror game. The game to the first person point of view, the game's protagonist is Henry, Henry is a chief animator, invited by an old colleague, back to his old studio, so there is this period of horror adventure.

Players will play as Henry in this game, in this old studio to find different items to help themselves solve the puzzle, and to get food to save energy, because Bendy and the Ink Machine is also a survival game. In the game, you will also meet Bendy! Bendy is an ink monster, you must be careful with it because it has different abilities to hurt you and it doesn't get hurt easily, you have to find the right time to avoid him or attack it!

In Bendy and the Ink Machine, the game, players will experience a combination of puzzle solving, environmental exploration and combat elements of the game. In addition, the game uses a cartoon style, while the horror players can also feel a different game experience!

Game features.

Cartoon style, fun, but without losing the horror atmosphere.

Play a variety of ways to integrate a number of elements such as puzzles, exploration, and combat.

Plot rich, five chapters.

If you want to find a fun horror adventure game, then please do not miss Bendy and the Ink Machine, it will bring you endless fun. Come and fight against the darkness in Bendy and the Ink Machine game!

How to play

Bendy and the Ink Machine has 5 chapters, each with a different story, but the story of each chapter is continuous. Players will start from the first chapter into the abandoned studio, to the fifth chapter and the evil Bendy duel, and finally end the whole horror adventure.

Players can use running, jumping and other actions in the game, you will have to collect items throughout the scrap studio that are beneficial to you, such as puzzles, axes, pipes, cans and so on. Different puzzles can help you open some doors or repair some machinery; axes and pipes can help you fight with Bandy; cans can replenish your strength. There are some other items will also appear in the game, you have to search carefully. If you encounter the ink monster Bandy, you have to take appropriate action, maybe attack, maybe dodge, must be careful not to be hurt, in addition, in addition to Bandy, there are some other monsters, they will not be injured, then you do not need to take the attack, just hide and wait for the right moment.

There are also audio tapes hidden in the game, and by finding these tapes, players can learn about the storyline that happened in this studio. If you miss these hidden tapes, then you may lose some clues.


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- Professional Critic -

FCA Studios

Its soooooo great, the hardest part is the ride and not because of lag its because of how fast it goes, i also wanna notify you about chapter 4, when brute boris starts to throw carts when he hits you you die and when you crawl through the tunnel it doesnt respond you, and when you try to beat beast bendy He starts to run into the wall and its soooo annoying so if you can fix it that would be great

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  • Bydavid
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  • Bytz
    i love this game like fnaf
  • Byficho246
    this game is so cool



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