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Five Nights at Freddy's 2

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Players will take on the role of a new night guard who came to work at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in November 1987. As the new security guard working at night, your job is to monitor the cameras and make sure there are no problems after hours. The previous guard complained about the character trying to get into the office (he has been moved to the day shift). So to make your job easier we have provided you with your own empty Freddy Fazbear head, which should trick the electronic animated character into leaving you alone if they accidentally enter your office. The name Jeremy Fitzgerald was announced in the latter part of the episode. On the first night, the player receives a message from someone claiming to be a current employee, informing him of a horrific reality not listed in the job ad: six new figures with facial recognition systems from a database of local criminals, and four old figures kept in the background for backup and spare parts, all wander around the shop at night and act against real humans. The player must remain in the guard room during the workday to prevent the dolls from invading and being treated like a mechanical skeleton without a skin, and then being stuffed to death alive into a metal suit. This correspondent is later kept informed with new messages, coaching the player through all the difficulties, getting paid and leaving his current position. The game eventually brought in another player as the new night guard, but only for one night before he was dismissed for tampering with the mannequin system and body odour, and his name was announced at the end as Fritz Smith.

How to play

1. There are three doors in the small room where the main character of the game is staying. The teddy bear will randomly approach the three doors and you must listen for footsteps when playing. Run to that door to check which side the footsteps are coming from. Before you make a move at the door, listen for breathing sounds and if there are any, close the door! When can you open the door? You must wait until the footsteps sound again to open the door, then the teddy bear will be gone. If there is no sound of breathing, use a torch to shine the bear away.

2, regularly shine the bear remnants on the bed, accumulate more than 3 rooms will come out of the killer bear.

3. The second night will be much more difficult than the first, both in terms of the frequency of bear remnants and the frequency of bear incursions. The door between the first night and the second night will basically not have a monster, but only almost, not absolutely.

4. The dog barking is not a sign of dawn, in fact the dog will bark when the bear approaches. So the direction of the barking dog is also considered a basis for determining where the bear is.

5. The Muppet that appeared on the bench at the end of the first night, all you need to do is control the timing of when you turn off the torch copper and turn on the torch. You turn off the torch and it will slowly approach you. You need to get the Muppet to stop at the X in the video!


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  • ByAiyanalewis
    i really love love this game
  • ByAaliyah
    fnaf was always my fav game :D
  • Bycaitlin
    i love this game
  • Bychase
    cool game
  • ByNathaniel
    I live fnaf


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