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Fortnite is a multiplayer shooter survival game set in a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world where players have to find as many resources, weapons and build their fortress as possible.

Fortnite game has three modes to choose from.


Players will start this game with 99 players from all over the world, or you can team up with other players, such as two-person teams, four-person teams, teamwork will make you win more easily. Before the coming of the eye of the storm, players have to collect more supplies, build houses to carry out the confrontation between players and find a way to eliminate all opponents to achieve the final victory.


Players will expand their base in this mode. To deal with the various monsters that will appear at night, players will need to build forts and traps to do so before it's too late! And, through in-game break-ins and lotteries, to obtain traps, character cards and gun drawings to strengthen the fort and the character's own defense.

Freedom Island: Play the map and build freely

In this mode, players will be free to build forts and invite their friends to join the game, build new maps, and embark on new adventures in this island of their own creation!

How to play

Fortnite is an online game that combines various elements of building, tower defense, and survival.

In Fortnite, the player's main objective is to continuously collect resources, build forts and defeat opponents. However, in different game modes, the game objectives and gameplay will also vary.

In the PvP mode, players compete with the remaining 99 players to collect resources, weapons, and successfully defeat their opponents to become the final winner.

In the PvE mode, players will expand the fortress and create traps to defend against monsters.

In the Free Build mode, there is no set way to play, where players will use their imagination to create unique islands and more!

Basic character controls.

W A D S controls the character forward, left, right, backward

Use the space bar to control the character to jump

Ctrl key to switch between standing and crouching

Other controls.

After finding the target, you can use the right mouse button to determine the location, click the left button to fire

Click E button to select the use

R key to control loading and rotate the building

Need to repair or upgrade use the F key

Change building material/reset building edit: Right mouse button

Tab/M can switch the map

I hope players can find a different landscape in the game and experience a different kind of survival game!

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    its a fary nice game
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    It is my favourite game
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    i love fortnite
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    i love fortnite
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    So fun



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