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NERF Epic Pranks!

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NERF Epic Pranks is an action-packed shooter from HOMA GAMES. Players will take on the role of a prankster, collect different Nerf guns, unlock various skins and eventually grow into the best prankster. As the pranks progress, players will also unlock more fun characters and skins, opening up looks such as ninjas, clowns and even robots. The NERF prank battle is on! Can you prank everyone without getting caught? Grab your NERF gun and play pranks! Be the best prankster ever!!! Tag everyone in sight, don't get caught, and most importantly, have fun! Unlock all the Nerf guns! Collect the different Nerf guns to become the ultimate prankster! Unlock them all as the game progresses. Personalise your character Unlock all the fun characters and skins. Play as a ninja, a clown or even a robot! Excellent combat in great environments Traverse all worlds and arenas

How to play

The main feature of NERF Epic Pranks is the pranking of people in different worlds with the help of guns. You will also need to be careful not to get caught by enemies while doing so. After all, while pranks are fun, they can also be a nuisance to others. The gameplay of NERF Epic Pranks is somewhere between an action game and a shooter. Although it looks like the player is having fun by shooting with guns, the core gameplay of the game is actually more of an action casual game that tests the player's reflexes because there is no need to aim at all during the shooting process and there is a need to dodge the sight of various dangers from time to time. Whether it's a shooter or an action game, the game has a very low barrier to entry, and both the gameplay and the difficulty of the levels are just right for most players to get through. The graphics in NERF Epic Pranks are beautiful and realistic, with a seemingly simple look that delivers realistic and detailed action. Perhaps because of the game's spoof theme, this seemingly shooter-based game has a light-hearted and cheerful atmosphere everywhere, with funny glasses, cartoonish hats, fun costumes and an upbeat rhythm that feels like you're at a fun party.

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    Game is on
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    I like the game



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