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Family Island™

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Big Boo (Bruce) and Xiao Yi (Eva) family of four was happy and happy life together, did not expect a sudden volcanic eruption will be their city completely destroyed, in the escape they were separated from their relatives, four people were trapped in a desert island.

Next, they need to use the primitive society of men and women to survive, and constantly build various buildings and make various tools, and explore other areas of the island in order to find their lost friends and relatives as soon as possible ......

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable world of adventure with a modern Stone Age family!

Imagine what your life would be like without modern technology and what you would do. Maybe you would explore the territory, build houses or even entire villages; farm, harvest, or you might conquer new lands.

You have the opportunity to try yourself in different roles on a deserted island with the heroes of Family Island game: farmers, cooks, explorers, traders and much more.

Interested? Here are more features of our game.

★ Explore the wilderness, solve puzzles, find hidden objects and embark on a thrilling adventure to a new island.

★Build and improve your little city in the ocean.

★Start your own family farm! Harvest, grow crops and craft useful goods to trade with other characters.

★Cook healthy, from ingredients to delicious food you can find on the island.

★ Customize your village with beautiful decorations! Choose flowers and plants that match the unusual landscape of your village.

★ Meet unusual animals: island hamsters, wild goats and even dinosaurs await you!

★ Help a family survive on a deserted island.

And that's not all! Family Island is a farm game full of unexpected twists and fascinating adventures!

How to play

1. Implant system

As the saying goes, "Man is iron and rice is steel, one meal is hungry", crops as the most basic source of food is definitely essential. In the game, players can plant sweet potatoes, corn, tomatoes, peppers and other crops on the land. The amount of land has a cap, and players need to keep upgrading to increase the maximum amount of land owned.

2. Gathering system

To survive on a desert island, field gathering is essential. The game has a variety of gathering materials, such as chiseling stones to get stones, pulling grass to get weeds, cutting down bushes to get sticks, cutting down trees to get wood and so on. These collected items are all essential raw materials for making living tools.

3. Farming system

In the game, players can breed chickens and sheep to get eggs and sheepskins respectively. Similarly, the farming limit of chickens and sheep is also linked to the player's level, so the player needs to upgrade constantly to ensure the output of eggs and sheepskins. When chickens and sheep are hungry and need to be fed, a feed icon will appear above their heads, click on the icon to finish feeding and get the corresponding output.

4. Crafting system

It is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice, to carry out various survival activities, it is necessary to have some handy tools. In the game, players can make the wood obtained from collection into materials such as stakes, boards and beams through the lumber mill; they can make the weeds obtained from this Egypt into materials such as ropes, slats and coarse cloth through the loom; they can make the grain obtained from planting into items such as feed and flour through the flour mill; they can process the stones obtained from collection into items such as scrapers, axes, pocket knives and bricks through the stone crusher; they can Make food such as fried sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs, roasted meat, etc. from grain and eggs obtained from planting and farming through fires.

5. Storage system

Just like in real life, all materials need to be stocked up in the warehouse, and there are special warehouses for storing corresponding materials such as wood warehouse, stone warehouse, food warehouse and storage room in the game. As more and more materials are hoarded, players need to upgrade the corresponding warehouses in time to increase the storage capacity.

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