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Sonic Jump

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Gorgeous jumps with a simple manoeuvre! Jump to great heights!!!

Join Sonic and his companions in the familiar world of Sonic.

Join Sonic and his companions on their adventures in the familiar world of Sonic, as well as in the newly added world of the classic Sonic levels.

Stop Dr. Eggman's evil plot!

Just shake your phone and touch the screen! Easy-to-play jumping action game! Smash Dr. Eggman's evil plot in Story Mode, go higher in the infinitely continuing Arcade Mode and compete with your friends in the world for high scores!

Sonic and the trusty companions

Choose your favourite companions from Sonic, Tars, Nack, Amy, Rocky, Shiftle and Blaze to play with!

Each character can use a variety of skills!

A colourful world

The world is full of colourful characters with a variety of skills.

New levels such as mountains, forests, blue skies and mechanical areas have been added!

Story mode and arcade mode are available.

Stop Dr. Egghead's evil plot by clearing 48 diverse levels in Story Mode! Challenge unlimited heights in Arcade Mode! Keep zero mistakes and jump as high as you can! Make your way to the top.

Fun challenges and missions

Quickly pass each level to earn high scores.

Complete special missions in both Story and Arcade modes to earn special payouts! Be sure to give it a go!

Plenty of game props and unlockable elements

Collect in-game star rings to buy items in the shop! Get handy props and cool wallpapers that are useful for the game! Unlock new items as you progress through the game!

How to play

If it's a big jump, then of course it's all about the word jump! All you have to do is tilt your iphone left and right to control the direction of the jump. All you have to do is tilt your iphone left and right to control the direction of the jump. In this way, Sonic will try to jump up and down to reach the end. During the jump, you have to tap anywhere on the screen with your finger so that Sonic can do a two-step jump, which will make him jump even higher!

Unlike th

e traditional Sonic the Hedgehog series, which uses horizontal running to get through the game, in Sonic's Big Jump, instead of running, Sonic jumps vertically and vertically over individual pedals. Players control Sonic by tilting their iOS device to the left or right. Sonic automatically jumps when he lands on the pedals and can "double jump" by tapping the screen. Gold rings collected on each level are accumulated and can be used to purchase additional game content such as props or more characters.

There are two game modes; 'Story Mode', in which the level map and end points are preset, and 'Arcade Mode', in which the springboards are randomly generated and there is no end point, and the goal is to reach as high as possible.

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  • Byclarha hong
    i love sonic
  • Byaphmau
    sonic is great
  • ByTania
    i like yoere Games
  • Byjeremiah
    I love sonic so much
  • Bymyrical
    it is a good game


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