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Shadow Fight 3

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This game can be played in Legion, Dynasty and three camps.

Start choosing heroes, constantly train them through battles, create a ruthlessness and fighting style of combat, collect items to satisfy the desire to collect control, and the game exists dynamically generated mission system points. Allows you to choose a different picture of the feeling of battle.

The game's legendary a hero will end the battle of shadow energy. He has to learn three types of combat, collect the best weapons and challenge the strongest fighters.

Win battles to explore three clans of fighting styles and create your own personal fighting style. Your hero can fight like a cunning ninja or a powerful knight. Harness shadow energy to deliver impressively powerful blows that can change the course of battle.

The world is on the brink of an epic war. The powerful force unleashed by the Shadow Gate years ago has been transformed into a weapon, and now three major fighting clans are fighting to determine the future of this force.

The Legionnaires want to destroy this dangerous force. The Celestials want to use it for their own benefit. And the mysterious Vanguard ninjas want to explore the darkest secrets of the Shadow Force.

Three clans, three worldviews, three fighting styles. Which side will you join?

Get ready for action, cool battles with powerful warriors, and exciting adventures in a world ruled by mysterious forces.

Create epic heroes ninja, knight or samurai? It's up to you to decide what kind of hero you want to be. Earn unique skins in battle, customize equipment colors and create a unique look.

Complete the storyWarriors all over the world are waiting for the appearance of a hero who will put an end to the battle of shadow energy. Influence the storyline by choosing your clan. Defeat powerful bosses and challenge your arch-enemies, then explore other worlds and go back in time to learn new story details.

Show off your skills The action continues even when the main story battles are over. Battle against other players' AI-controlled heroes to win duels. Fight with the strongest warriors, take a place on the top 100 leaderboards, and become a legend in your region!

Collect equipment around the storyline and countless side questsCollect your personal armory of weapons and armor, experiment in battle, and perform cool in duels. As you collect full sets of equipment, you'll gain unique abilities that make it easier for you to win in battle.

How to play

Combat style and content to maintain many of the classic elements, we can also use the combination of directional buttons and attack buttons to attack the moves. For example, "front" + "fist" can be combined into a punch, at a distance, you can directly swing the arm forward to attack the enemy, of course, there are side kicks, back kicks, back slams and other combinations of moves can be paired with the direction button and the attack button, these you All of these you can try and learn in the game itself.

The game allows us to equip our characters with weapons to improve their defense and damage, which is basically the same as the Shadow Fight 2 equipment system.

Once we have weapons, we can use them to fight. There are many weapons in Shadow Fight, and Shadow Fight 3 also provides us with a very rich weapon system, which will be gradually opened up for players to experience as we level up.

In addition to defensive gear and weapons, of course, there is no shortage of period, helmets and other appliances, and I found in the game Shadow Fight 3 still inherited the "rune talent" system, which is also known as magic gems and so on, I believe that if you are a veteran player, in Shadow Fight 2 must know that there are magic gems, Shadow Fight 3 still retains these things The system is still in place, allowing us to further enhance the attributes of the equipment.

A new "magic" control ability has been added. When we are fighting, we can click on the button to enter the "shadow effect", in which the background directly becomes dark and we become a killer hiding in the darkness.

In this state, we can use the blue magic value to carry out magic control, the enemy will be lifted up in the air and so on these seemingly very exaggerated ability will appear.

If you want to know the true meaning of Shadow Fight 3 powerful, then hurry up and download the game to become stronger!

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