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Goddess: Primal Chaos
Adventure entertainment Multiplayer fantasy Casual iOS Android raising girls boys challenge Role-playing Fun hero group battle league battle
  • Version :
  • Updated : September 04, 2017
  • Size : 22.4MB
  • Developer : KORAMGAME

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Movie 3D action MMORPG game "Goddess: Chaos" is coming! Now play the expected next generation mobile game. Save the world as a hero and travel through time and space until the "tyrant" is born. Your mission? Save the world of humans, monsters and spirits!

Choose from three incredible professions: Summoner, Warrior or Blood, and battle millions of players online in this unique fantasy world! Collect items, train your heroes and conquer multiple game modes. Continue your adventure in this exciting new world today!

Game features.

- Easy to control, one-touch combos, amazing combat experience.

- Innovative and dynamic adventure and challenging missions "Emergency Jungle"

- Recruit your own fighting heroes; dozens of different types to choose from.

- Join forces with the Goddess to defeat the demon world.

- Join a team and interact with players from around the world in multiplayer dungeons, boss worlds and more.

- Powerful alliance system, use the alliance store and technology to strengthen your character or interact with other players for a better team.

- 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, group and alliance battles; choose from a variety of PvP modes

- Dozens of unique mounts, gear, weapons and incredible costumes

Plus, there's even more content and new game modes to discover!

How to play

I. The acquisition of phantom beasts

Every day there are 5 free chances to smash green eggs, blue eggs and purple eggs can also be obtained free times after the corresponding time ends. In many games you can also get the hammer corresponding to each color egg. Of course, purple senior eggs can be opened directly using magic stones, do not forget that ten consecutive smashing more 10% discount Oh. Fantasy beasts can be obtained by smashing eggs, smashing eggs depends on luck, smashing to the high level fantasy beasts will earn. But smashing to the low grade is also okay, do not need the phantom beast or low phantom beast, you can sacrifice to exchange into the soul of the beast, and then in exchange for other phantom pieces.

The second. The cultivation of phantom beasts

The cultivation of phantom beasts requires phantom crystals and equipment, the first is to upgrade. As long as the equipment props are obtained, do not waste them and feed them to the phantom beasts. After the upgrade of the phantom beast, the ability can also be greatly enhanced. The default phantom beast can only be upgraded to level 50, but you can still find a way to break through the level boundary, this time you need a prop called "dragon teeth", dragon teeth dropped in multiplayer copies, but also can be purchased in major stores.

The illusion of the beast is also important to get the battle power bonus is really too much. The illusion not only gets a significant increase in attributes, but also activates a talent attribute of the beast. The illusion will consume illusion crystal.

III. Talents of Phantom Beasts

The higher the level of talent, the stronger the ability. The more advanced the talent, the stronger the ability. Different types of fantasy beasts have different effects of talents. For example, the last few talent bonus effects of blood-type phantom beasts are the most helpful to the blood profession. Of course, to reasonably match the phantom beast to get more powerful strength.

IV. Phantom Beast Training

Fantasy beasts can also be trained to increase the value of attributes, of course, requires the consumption of some special items - silver whistle, through participation in activities can be obtained.

V. Inheritance of Phantom Beasts

[Low-ranked and high-ranked Phantom Beasts] can pass their "Phantom Star" and "Rank" to [high-ranked and low-ranked Phantom Beasts]. The cost is only a small amount of beast soul. So, you don't have to worry about upgrading and transforming your low quality beasts, they can be passed on and not wasted. So go ahead and upgrade bravely!

VI. Phantom beast lineup

The lineup contains three positions: out of battle, inner ensemble, and outer ensemble. Each position can appoint a phantom beast.

1. out of battle phantom beast is easy to understand, it will follow the player and assist in the battle.

2. The inner merged and outer merged beasts will merge with the character and both attributes, life and attack, will be stacked on the character and their life will add shell to the character. When attacked by enemies, the outer phantom will take damage first, followed by the inner phantom. After the shell of both layers is knocked off, their attack bonus will also be gone, and only then will the character take damage. 3.

3. Phantom beasts can provide each other with karma. Phantom beasts with karmic points can be put into battle together to gain gain attributes.

VII. Knight

The knight does not affect the character, but only affects the karma of other phantom animals. The number of positions opened by the knight is related to the player's level. When choosing a knight, the most important thing is to see if there are karmic points, not how high the rank is.


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