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Pocket Roguelike

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This is a role-playing game with procedurally generated levels, permadeath, and tons of loot. Your goal is to raid endless dungeons and develop your heroes. Do you have the skills to decimate foes on your path? 

 Your goal is to find treasure chests and fight bosses. There are five heroes to choose from - each with unique equipment and skills. 

Randomly generated areas

You embark on your journey through spider-infested caves, snowy mountains, and sinister dungeons. There are randomly generated areas to fight through. 

The corruption

After thousands of years, an ancient evil formed between light and dark. The beasts and demons keep crawling and raving the lands. Only the heroes can end the corruption. 

Six hero classes

You play as a devoted knight to purge the unholy - you must be a strong barbarian. Once you gain the necessary skills, you can descend the dungeons as a mage. How about raising your army as NECROMANCER? 

The classes start with the warrior. Each has an area to focus on - you can strike faster than the eye can see. Plus, you can steal your enemy's health to regain yours. Other than that, you can upgrade the statistics to help you survive. 

For each class, you will find different weapons, artifacts, and clothes. This will help you empower even the most dangerous monsters. You will find and equip different results, while the artifacts will be more valuable. When you upgrade the gold and gems, some skills will be more valuable. 

Out of all the classes, your greatest target should be the MAGE. The other stages you can focus on are the archer, stealth damage, and warrior. Depending on the skills or spells you choose, attacking your enemies can be extremely difficult. You should roam through dungeons, collecting loot, and killing mobs. 

MULE follower

The weight of the items carried by the hero can increase the hunger drain. You can travel with a trusted mule or allow him to carry all the loot. As a mule follower, you can sell all the items you don't need. 

Unique locations

Each location has distinctive traps, enemies, and interactive objects. Once you discover them, you can move freely between them. Also, you can unlock heroes and gain an arsenal with fierce techniques. 

Regular updates

Since the game has been around for some time, the creator works in close contact with the community. 

Procedural Generated Dungeons 

Pocket rogues feature a variety of dungeons. The classes allow you to take an alternative approach. Each will test your skill and character progression. In the dark dungeons, there are whispering secrets and priceless treasures. Nobody enters here and returns. 

The maps and layout are different on each attempt. Not to mention, you don't lose any skills or the points you accumulate. The gloomy legends try their luck in the depths waiting for riches beyond imagination. Are you ready to become one of them? 

Other features 

● Gems are obtained by killing bosses or monsters and completing tasks 

● Players can make a descent into the dungeon from a specific depth

● You can save the game before leaving, auto-save, and minimize the game 

● Normal dungeons are free 

● 50 plus monsters to slay

● Each class has a unique equipment layout 

Pocket Roguelike can be played on mobile devices. It works well on touchscreen devices and comes with pixelated graphics. Depending on your needs, you can play as a paladin and unlock the characters- wizard or barbarian. 

How to play

The Pocket Roguelike game features simple gameplay. First, you should tap on the button on the screen and attack the enemies you find on the way. The simple controls will allow you to explore monster-infested levels. Then, you wake up in a dingy-looking dungeon. 

A helpful man decides to make you stronger and offers a choice of weapons. Your task is to make the most out of the difficult situation. 

Since Pocket Roguelike is dangerous, food is always available. The character gets more and more hungry with each step you take. You could also die of starvation. 

For the warrior class, you get different beat �em situations. It would help if you swung around to defeat the enemies. In most cases, you'll have a decent amount of defenses you can take in. If you're not sure how to keep yourself safe, you can redeem yourself. If you can dodge the enemies, the rogue can clear the bosses quickly. 

The rapid power skills can be strong - the only problem is that you can only attack one enemy at a time. Mages are known for their massive spells and can demolish a mob of enemies in seconds. 

In the multiplayer mode, you should act as a host, pick up, and drop items. Make sure the items don't lose their special effects. As you level up, you choose a class and abilities to specialize in. Some will give more rewards than others. 

As you roam around the dungeons, you attack the enemies and monsters. For the mobile version, you have three buttons to attack the characters - shield, attack, and weapons. A great shield is useful, but this will depend on your fighting style. 

Just like other Roguelikes, Pocket Roguelike allows you to customize your character by adjusting the attributes and skills. The characters are placed at the top level of the dungeon - you need basic equipment like armor, torches, and simple weapons. 

You should move across the dungeon and collect treasure. Combat is performed by moving the character into the same place. Other types of attacks, like firing an arrow can be performed as well. 

To defeat the monsters, you must earn the character points; improve the hits and the magic points. If you lose the hit points, the character dies. 

Since this character features the concept of permadeath, this represents the end game. You must evaluate a problematic situation, like being covered by several monsters. 

The dungeons are connected by stairs. Generally, the levels are more difficult than others. For this game, you can claim a location at the level of the dungeon or defeat a specific level. At the end of the game, you get a score based on experience, money, and treasure. 

Just like other role-playing games, the elements like exploring the world or pumping a hero will not allow you to get bored. 

Tips on how to play 

● The skills you need to increase the points will depend on the points you have. For instance, moving from level two to three is easier than moving from level twelve to thirteen. The secret to climbing up the ranks is to spend the skills as soon as you can. You can also accumulate the skills faster. 

● It will cost you more to upgrade from one skill to another. You should not upgrade the characters in the camp or the selection screen.

● You should upgrade your stack limit early. The unused consumables are a good source of income. 

● As you move around the walls, be sure to dash against the rooms. This speeds you up and makes navigation easier. 

● The base produces gold for each hour, but it's less than what you can gather in dungeons. 

Feel  to share your experience in the comment area below so that more people will like the game. 


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