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Don't Starve

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Developer: Klei Entertainment

Publisher: Klei Entertainment

Release Date: April 23, 2013 (PC); January 7, 2014 (PS4); July 9, 2015 (iOS)

The latest version: version 22 (ontology) + giant's reign DLC + lost ship DLC

"Don't Starve" is an open world survival game. As you explore the stunning paper-cut landscape, you will discover a weird world full of secrets and dangers. Smooth controls make it easy to travel and harvest food, but to balance your hunger and health and reason, you need to make weapons, traps, machines, etc. Don't starve to death after solving many mysteries and completing challenges.

How to play

Optimized for touch: A new and intuitive touch interface allows you to easily explore, fight, make and manage inventory.

Uncompromising survival and world exploration: no instructions. No help, no holding hands. Starting from scratch, crafting, hunting, researching, cultivating and fighting for survival.

Dark and whimsical visual effects: 2D characters and bizarre creatures living in unique 3D worlds.

Randomly generated new world: Want a new map? no problem! At any time, you can create a new life and breathing world, it hates you and wants you to die.

- Professional Critic -


Don't Starve to death The online version of the game is very rich and very playable, highly recommended. But before going online, it is recommended to try the stand-alone version first. The standalone version is actually very good. It has a completely different gaming experience from the online version.

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  • Byparty boy
    I have to buy it or download
  • Byparty boy
    I haft to buy it or download it
  • ByFog)
    Tv the app is a great way to pass the time and the free version is a great way to pass the time and to pass the time it
  • ByDominic
    Love the game
  • Bykc
    i love this games


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