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Granny: Chapter Two

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Granny Chapter Two is a new adventure puzzle escape game adapted from the original classic, the game is still a complete restoration of the role of the main character grandmother, and a new grandmother's assistant role, there are now two roles will be real-time monitoring of the player to combat.


1. a new version of the shocking online, content and graphics after a comprehensive innovation and optimization.

2. the grandmother role has its own assistant, his ability is extremely powerful and scary.

3. infinite horror and excitement in this experience, feel the joyfulness between life and death.

4. you can use a variety of items and props to carry out a wonderful battle against the grandmother.

In order to survive you must try to leave his house, but be careful and quiet. Grandma heard everything as usual. Grandpa's hearing is not so good, but he fights very well. If you drop something on the floor, grandma will hear it and come running. You can hide in the closet or under the bed .....

How to play

Trapped in this mysterious room, many crisis things must be done, or produce will die here, grandparents are not so good to talk, as long as they are caught will hang and beat, will also lead to all kinds of trouble, many clear instructions to complete, pay more than the price must also go to complete, all the levels of difficulty are carefully designed out, master the timing will be able to quickly complete the pass.


1, the room is full of them, if caught the consequences are unimaginable, at any time will have the risk of life.

2, the control of the face is relatively large, a little movement and sound out will attract attention, move at a very careful pace.

3, the virtual keyboard to control the direction, master certain skills, you can complete the wish in the shortest time;.

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