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Hello Neighbor

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Hello Neighbor is a horror survival stealth game developed by Dynamic Pixels and published by tinyBuild. In this game the player must successfully enter the basement of his neighbour's house and uncover his secrets. The game uses artificial intelligence to design the neighbours, who will defend themselves according to the player's previous actions, such as placing traps on the player's previous path.


The player will start out as a boy playing football on the road. While picking up the ball, the boy hears what sounds like a child screaming from his neighbour's house and walks up and peeks through the window. The neighbour seems to be blocking the door to keep the screaming child inside from coming out, when he notices and catches the protagonist. The neighbour then hides the red key to the basement in the attic. As in the beta version, the protagonist must steal the key and unlock the passage to the basement. The protagonist enters the basement and finds a secret entrance to a mysterious room, from which he can observe that he used to imprison other people there. The protagonist finds the hidden exit again and tries to find a way out. After the protagonist solves the puzzle and finds the exit to the maze where the protagonist is, the neighbour finds and chases the protagonist at the last minute. The protagonist runs for the exit, but finds the door locked and is eventually caught by the neighbour.

The protagonist wakes up in a locked room and is soon able to walk out after a clanging sound at the door. After solving a number of puzzles, the protagonist eventually manages to obtain the key and unlock the basement door to escape.

He receives a letter and starts to pack his bags to leave the house and return to the previous location. In the process, he sees that the neighbour's old home has been completely damaged. The protagonist arrives at his old home, but for unknown reasons he sees visions and decides to take a break. When the protagonist wakes up, his surroundings are completely different: the old furniture is as good as new, and the neighbour's damaged home has become unusually tall. The protagonist explores this unusual neighbourhood once again.

After finally entering the secret room in the basement, he begins to experience a variety of unusual events. The protagonist eventually leaves the exit and wakes up again in the dilapidated house from the beginning, proving that it was all a dream.

How to play

Hello Neighbor is a terrifying stealth game in which you can infiltrate your neighbour's house to try to find out his secrets hidden in the basement. Play against an advanced smart host that will know your every move. Like to get in through windows? Want a bear trap? Trying to escape? He'll find a shortcut.

In Hello Neighbour, the player's task is to find out what secrets the neighbour is hiding in his basement. The player must invade the neighbour's house and collect props to find a way into the basement. While exploring the neighbour's house, the player must not be discovered by the neighbour, otherwise he will start chasing the player. If the player does not manage to escape, the neighbour will catch the player and send him back to his house. The player must then re-enter the neighbour's house, but due to the neighbour's artificial intelligence, he may encounter obstacles such as traps if he uses the same method of entry.

The player can hold up to 4 items at any one time; the same items cannot be combined together.

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