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Temple Run

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Developer: Imangi Studios

Publisher: Imangi Studios

Game platform: Android, iOS

Release Date: July 26, 2012

"Temple Run" is an action video game with no end. The game scene is that an adventurer came to the ancient temple to find treasure, but was caught up by a monster. All the players need to do is to turn, jump and fall backwards. They need to turn over the ancient temple walls and climb up the cliffs. In the process, you can shake the equipment to collect gold coins. The operation of the game is very simple and easy to understand, it only takes one hand to play, but it is so difficult, you need to start over from the beginning for any mistakes.

In each treasure hunt adventure movie, there is a scene where the brave hero finally reaches for the treasure, but then he must go through a labyrinthine trap to survive. Temple Run is this scene, nothing more. amazing.

How to play

After the explorer steals the idol, the player can control the explorer, and the game starts immediately after the explorer steals the idol. At this time, the explorer will be hunted down by a group of "demon monkeys", thus triggering the "temple escape". [9] Players only need to perform three operations in the game: jumping (swipe their finger up), sliding (slide their finger down) and turning (slide their finger left or right). Tilt the device to allow the explorer to move from side to side of the road, so that the explorer can collect gold coins and avoid obstacles.

- Professional Critic -

Unknow Dreams come true

I think this game is cool I know that this isn't the real temple but I think that anyone who is like getting ready to play the real temple run you can play this game this game is just a.... ermm starter game like it help you you know like I hope you understand where I am going like it helps you so that when you play the real temple run you will be like wow this was almost like that starter temple run game cool i feel like this is not my first time playing this game, pls no bad comments the person who made this game probably tried his hardest he tried his best to like make this a fun game so pls no more or any bad comments i am not the person that made this game but still no bad comments I mean c'mon the game is fun almost exactly like the real one in fact it helps noobies you know like people who do not know how to play the game so pls pls pls no bad comments...I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

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  • ByMarQaiiya Watson
    This game is ok not good inda hate it BORING
  • ByKevin Brundige
    I love the game
  • ByKevin Brundige
    I like the game
  • ByKevin Brundige
    I like the game
  • Byjabari
    love this game


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