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Temple Run

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Temple Run is an adventure game developed by Imangi Studios that has no end in sight, as the player controls the character as he runs forward.

An explorer steals an idol from an ancient temple and is then chased by monsters. The game will not end until you keep running forward and keep a proper distance between your character and the monsters.

On the way to run, will encounter rapids, flames and other obstacles, to control the character at the appropriate time to avoid obstacles, the game to a certain extent to test the player's reflexes. At the same time, the player will control the character to collect more gold coins in the game, the more forward, the higher the score the player will get, and teach your friends a high level.

Temple Run game scene although there is not much change, the operation is also extremely simple, but Temple Run is very challenging, need players have enough patience and skills.

How to play

Temple Run is simple to operate. By tilting the device to control the character left and right movement. Slide your finger up to control the character to jump; slide your finger down to control the character to slide; slide your finger left to control the character to turn left; slide your finger right to control the character to turn right.

On the way to run, by controlling the character to collect the gold coins and avoid obstacles. The gold coins are shaped like diamonds and are divided into yellow, red and blue, worth one, two and three dollars respectively. If the player controls the character without avoiding the obstacles, it will cause the monster to just follow the character. Only after continuing to run forward for a period of time can the monsters be left far behind.

In addition to gold coins can be collected, there are some special props in the game, these props can help the character to avoid a damage, or automatically absorb gold coins, or fast forward, etc.. Therefore, the player will control the character to collect props in the game, which can help the player to improve the final score.

There is no end to the game, the longer the character runs in the game, the higher the score will be!


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- Professional Critic -

Unknow Dreams come true

I think this game is cool I know that this isn't the real temple but I think that anyone who is like getting ready to play the real temple run you can play this game this game is just a.... ermm starter game like it help you you know like I hope you understand where I am going like it helps you so that when you play the real temple run you will be like wow this was almost like that starter temple run game cool i feel like this is not my first time playing this game, pls no bad comments the person who made this game probably tried his hardest he tried his best to like make this a fun game so pls no more or any bad comments i am not the person that made this game but still no bad comments I mean c'mon the game is fun almost exactly like the real one in fact it helps noobies you know like people who do not know how to play the game so pls pls pls no bad comments...I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

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  • ByMarQaiiya Watson
    This game is ok not good inda hate it BORING
  • ByKevin Brundige
    I love the game
  • ByKevin Brundige
    I like the game
  • ByKevin Brundige
    I like the game
  • Byjabari
    love this game



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