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Watch Dogs

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Watch_Dogs is a contemporary action-adventure game that explores the impact of technology on our society. The game takes place in the middle of Chicago, where all the inhabitants and all the objects in the city are interconnected. You will embark on a private mission to turn the city into your primary weapon and bring about unique style of sanction.

This system, known as the Central Control System (ctOS) in Watch Dogs, controls almost all technology and key information about all residents. You will play as Aiden Pearce (Aiden Pearce), a brilliant hacker, but his past of wrongdoing has caused his family to suffer a cruel tragedy, and now you will start to catch up with those who hurt your family's bad guys. You can monitor and hack everyone around you by manipulating all devices connected to the city system - such as accessing the ubiquitous camera images, downloading private information to locate specific targets, controlling traffic logs and public transportation to hinder enemies, etc... And much more!

Here you can use your smartphone to control all public buildings anytime, anywhere, for example, by operating traffic signals to trigger a chain of collisions to trap your enemies, riding on emergency stop trains to allow you to evade the police, or quickly raise the movable opening and closing bridges to get rid of enemies.

Chicago is a place where violence is met with violence, and you have the ability to engage in armed combat on the streets at any time, whether it's hitting your enemies with a baton or experiencing the fierce gunplay of other shooters with the introduction of physics simulation, you will be able to use more than 30 traditional weapons in the game.

Ubisoft Montreal studio, which is leading the development of this game, has partnered with Ubisoft Reflection, the development studio of Driver, to bring Watch_Dogs, a metropolis with its engine running at full power. The game features over 65 vehicles, each with top-notch physics and great control, so explore the metropolis while completing your mission.

Watch_Dogs not only gives you the ability to use ctOS, but also gives you control of all the streets, navigating through buildings or climbing to the rooftops to catch your target in this almost realistic Chicago city.

How to play

Players can use their smartphones to control the city ’s infrastructure in real time. They can trap the enemy in a chain of 30 car accidents by manipulating traffic lights. Intrusive city system: "Watchdog" occurs in a city that completely imitates reality in. Either connect and board the sky train to avoid the lawful pursuit, or you can hide from the arrest by quickly raising the suspension bridge. All objects connected to the urban ctOS system can become players' weapons.

Street Justice: Living in downtown Chicago, where violence is prevalent, players need to master the skills of street fighting, use a baton to blow down the enemy with a lethal blow, or experience an unprecedented gun battle-its physical simulation breakthrough is comparable to any shooting game . Players have the opportunity to obtain a total of more than 30 traditional weapons.

Drag racing: After being assisted by the development of the acclaimed "Cyclon" series and inheriting the famous Ubisoft Reflections studio, "Watch Dog" can provide players with a stable horsepower explosion. Players can drive more than 65 vehicles with the highest physical operation level to explore huge cities while completing missions.


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    i love watchdog it's fun
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    i love watch dog
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    quero jogar no notebook



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