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Mario Kart Tour is a highly acclaimed mobile racing game developed and published by Nintendo for both iOS and Android platforms. Released on September 25, 2019, this game quickly captured the hearts of Mario Kart enthusiasts and mobile gamers alike, offering a captivating experience that brings the beloved Mario Kart franchise to the palm of your hand.

Mario Kart Tour retains the classic kart racing gameplay that has made the series iconic. Players can choose from a diverse roster of Mario series characters, each with their unique skills and abilities, and race through a wide variety of tracks inspired by famous locations from the Nintendo universe. These tracks range from the iconic Rainbow Road to real-world-inspired city circuits, offering a blend of nostalgia and novelty.

The controls are designed to be accessible to all players, making it easy to steer, drift, and perform tricks. Mario Kart Tour also offers a choice of control schemes, including simple tap controls and more traditional touch-based options, allowing players to pick the one that suits their playstyle best.

Mario Kart Tour keeps players engaged with a range of game modes and events. The main mode is the "Tour," where players compete in a series of races across themed cups. Each tour introduces new tracks, characters, and kart combinations, keeping the experience fresh with each update.

Additionally, the game features special event tours, offering unique challenges and rewards. These events often introduce limited-time characters, karts, and gliders, encouraging players to log in regularly and participate.

Characters, Karts, and Gliders

One of the game's major attractions is the extensive roster of characters from the Mario universe. Players can race as Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, and many more fan-favorite characters. These characters can be upgraded and improved, adding a layer of strategy to the game.

The choice of karts and gliders is equally diverse, each with its own set of statistics that can influence your performance on the track. Collecting and upgrading these vehicles is a key aspect of the game, allowing players to fine-tune their racing setups.

In-Game Currency and Microtransactions

Mario Kart Tour features an in-game currency called "Rubies," which can be used to purchase items like new characters, karts, and gliders. While Rubies can be earned through gameplay, the game also offers microtransactions for those who wish to acquire them more quickly. This has been a point of controversy among some players, as microtransactions can create a pay-to-win dynamic.

Multiplayer and Social Features

In addition to the single-player experience, Mario Kart Tour offers real-time multiplayer races. Players can compete against friends or strangers from around the world in intense races, adding a social dimension to the game. Communication is facilitated through in-game emojis and text messages, allowing players to interact with each other during races.

Regular Updates and Events

Nintendo has been committed to keeping Mario Kart Tour fresh and exciting through regular updates. New tours, challenges, characters, and tracks are consistently introduced to the game, ensuring that players always have something to look forward to. Seasonal events and collaborations with other Nintendo franchises, such as Animal Crossing and Super Mario Bros., have also added extra layers of enjoyment to the game.

Mario Kart Tour successfully translates the magic of the Mario Kart series to the mobile gaming world. With its engaging gameplay, diverse character roster, and continuous stream of content updates, it remains a popular choice for both Mario Kart veterans and newcomers. As Nintendo continues to support and expand the game, it is likely to remain a fixture in the world of mobile gaming for years to come. So, rev up your engines and join Mario and his friends in this thrilling mobile racing adventure!

How to play

Creating an Account: You can link your Nintendo Account to save your progress and participate in special events. If you don't have a Nintendo Account, you can create one within the game.

Tutorial: The game starts with a brief tutorial that introduces you to basic controls and gameplay mechanics. Pay close attention to learn how to steer, drift, and use power-ups.

Game Controls

Mario Kart Tour offers multiple control options to suit your preferences:

Simple Controls: Tap the screen to steer. The game accelerates and brakes automatically.

Manual Drift: Swipe left or right to steer, and hold and release for drift boosts. You control acceleration and braking.

Smart Steering: This optional feature helps prevent you from driving off the track. It's particularly useful for beginners.

Game Modes

Mario Kart Tour offers several game modes to keep you entertained:

Tour: The main mode where you compete in races across themed cups, each with multiple tracks. Completing cups and collecting Grand Stars is your primary goal here.

Special Tours: These limited-time events introduce unique challenges and rewards. Participate to earn exclusive characters, karts, and gliders.

Multiplayer: Race against friends or players worldwide in real-time multiplayer matches. Join a room or create your own and compete for bragging rights.

Challenges: Complete various challenges to earn rewards like Rubies, coins, and items.

Characters, Karts, and Gliders

Characters: Choose from a vast roster of Mario series characters, each with their unique abilities. Unlock and upgrade them to improve your racing performance.

Karts: Collect and upgrade a variety of karts, each with different stats like speed, acceleration, and handling. Mix and match with characters and gliders to optimize your setup.

Gliders: Gliders provide special abilities during races, such as extended item slots or bonus points for specific actions.

Collecting and Using Items

During races, you'll find item boxes scattered across the track. Drive through them to obtain items like shells, bananas, and mushrooms.

Swipe the screen to use items defensively (to block incoming attacks) or offensively (to target opponents).

Use items strategically, but be aware that your opponents have their own tricks up their sleeves.

Race Strategies

Drifting: Mastering the art of drifting is crucial for success. Swipe and hold while turning to initiate a drift, then release to perform a speed boost.

Mini-Turbos: As you drift, you'll see sparks beneath your tires. Release your drift at the right time to perform a mini-turbo for an extra boost.

Jump Boosts: Hitting ramps and jumps correctly can give you a jump boost, increasing your speed and helping you reach shortcuts.

Drafting: Tail an opponent closely to enter their slipstream and get a speed boost.

Earning and Using Rubies

Rubies are the premium currency in Mario Kart Tour. You can earn them through gameplay, daily logins, and completing challenges.

Use Rubies to purchase items in the shop, like new characters, karts, and gliders.


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