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Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter

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Bubble Shooter, but make it Angry Birds style

Angry Birds was a revolutionary game that stemmed from multiple versions and a movie! It is well-loved and, dare we say, even has a cult following. Who can't love those adorable birds and pigs?

Rovio brings us another version of our most loved cute birds in bubble shooter form. If you're tired of the typical slingshot format of Angry Birds, here's a different perspective with almost the same goal -- bring down the green pigs!

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter is a game that takes the classic bubble shooter formula and puts an Angry Birds twist on it. You need to clear all the bubbles off the screen by shooting at them with your bird-powered slingshot.

There are lots of obstacles that'll be a challenge to overcome to achieve a high score. The game currently has 4000+ playable levels, giving all the Angry Birds bubble shooting you will want for a long time.

The game is almost like most bubble shooters, but of course, with Stella, Red, Chuck, Bomb, and the rest of the Angry Birds gang with you!

Instructions for playing the Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter game

So, how do you play Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter?

First, you'll need to select a level to play. There are more than a dozen levels to choose from, each with its unique layout and set of challenges. Although unlocking each level means finishing the prior, it's a stepladder game with a board game-like interface.

Once you've selected a level, aim and fire your bird at the group of bubbles.

You aim to match three or more bubbles of the same color to make them pop. You'll earn bonus points if you can create a matching group of four or more bubbles.

As you progress through the level, new rows of bubbles appear at the screen's top. If the bubbles reach the bottom of the screen, it's game over!

You can also swap the current bubble on your slingshot for the next one, and we know in some bubble popping games, there will be levels wherein you will need to do this, so keep a close eye and analyze the puzzle well before you shoot.

Additionally, before you start each level, you have the option to play with any of the three power-ups available:

● + 3 Bubbles

This power-up will give you three extra bubbles and has three variations that will cost you diamonds (5 minutes -- 500 diamonds, 3 minutes, 900 diamonds, and 20 minutes, 1600 diamonds). This power-up is retroactive. The minutes per variation means how long it will last while you play.

● Double score

As mentioned, each level has three score goals, which are sometimes hard to achieve. The double score power-up will be a great help for you here! It also comes in three variations (15 minutes -- 650 diamonds, 30 minutes -- 1100 diamonds, and 1 hour -- 2000 diamonds)

● Triple swap

Swapping the next bubble might not help, but a triple swap will let you swap three times and not just return to the bubble you already have! This also comes in three variations (15 minutes -- 850 diamonds, 30 minutes -- 1500 diamonds, and 1 hour -- 2700 diamonds)

Level objectives also vary. Some levels will have added obstacles, such as the famous ice walls, which need to be hit twice or directly to break. Some levels call for you to clear the top row.

But take note! Like most games, you have five lives at the start of the day. Every level you don't accomplish takes away one life!

The game also has a seasonal layout, wherein you have seasonal goals. When achieved, these goals will garner rewards such as unlimited lives, diamonds, and other items.

How to play

Strategies for playing Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter

1. Target the Top Bubbles: By popping the top bubbles of the stack, you can force bubbles lower down the stack to fall to the ground. You won't have trouble trying out this strategy in the Bomb bird levels. You can get to higher bubbles by using barriers, but you must be sure your targeting is suitable.

2. Concentrate on Your Goals: Before you start popping bubbles, you need to be sure you understand where your target bubbles are. You will be able to get more scores and earn stars if you can complete the primary objective in a shorter amount of time.

The fewer moves you make to finish the level objective, the higher the score you get!

3. Reach the target on the Streak Meter: To trigger the streak, you will need to pop bubbles continuously for a total of 6x in straight. When this feature is triggered, you will be given a unique bubble, often known as a power-up bubble, that will make it easier to pop multiple bubbles at once.

4. Wide Variety of Unique Bubbles

This game includes a limited number of unique bubbles that begin to appear shortly after reaching the pop meter's maximum capacity. After completing a string of six successful bubbles in a row, the Pop meter will be filled, and a rare bubble will unexpectedly appear on the bubble launcher.

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter Different Characters:

Each bird contains a different unique bubble. The following is a guide on how to get the most out of them:

1. Bomb's Blast Pop: The most effective way to employ blast pop is to remove bubbles from the highest row, linked to many series of bubbles below it. This will cause a large number of bubbles to tumble down.

2. Chuck Color Pop: It will pop any bubbles the same color as the surface it touches.

3. Matilda's Splash Pop: When this bubble collides with a similar-colored bubble, it changes the bubble colors. You can also merge paired bubbles of two colors into a single color.

4. Red Rock Pop: You can also drop numerous pigs at once by using the Red Rock Pop ability. Just point it towards the pigs standing in a row, and when you're ready, let go to drop them.

5. Stella's Power Pop: Because the blast wave is more significant, firing it towards a cluster of bubbles causes the removal of several bubbles at once.

6. Terence's Smash Pop: When you fire the Smash Pop into a cluster of bubbles, it will explode, bringing down all the bubbles in the cluster at once.

The game itself may not appeal to most people, but for the die-hard Angry Birds fans out there, this will surely give you a breath of fresh hair from the original version.

With over 4000+ levels of Bubble shooting, you will get addicted.

Angry Birds POP Bubble shooting is fun, fast-paced, and straightforward. Thankfully there is a life function. If there weren't, you might as well be playing from Sun up to Sun down because this game is addictive.

So think fast and wise because these puzzles aren't as easy as they seem.

So what are you waiting for? Give Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter a try today!


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