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Angry Birds Match 3

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Angry Birds Match 3 is a delightful and addictive puzzle game that combines the charming characters of the Angry Birds franchise with the classic match-3 gameplay. Developed by Rovio Entertainment, this game offers a fun and colorful experience for players of all ages.

In Angry Birds Match 3, players embark on a quest to rescue adorable hatchlings from the mischievous pigs. The game features a variety of levels filled with challenging puzzles, where the objective is to match three or more bird tiles of the same color to clear them from the board.

The gameplay mechanics in Angry Birds Match 3 are easy to grasp, making it accessible for both casual and experienced players. Simply swipe and swap neighboring bird tiles to create matches and trigger special abilities. Matching four or more birds creates powerful boosters that can clear entire rows, columns, or areas of the board, leading to big combos and high scores.

As players progress through the game, they'll encounter different obstacles and challenges. Pigs, ice blocks, crates, and other objects may hinder your progress, requiring strategic thinking and careful planning to overcome. Some levels have specific goals, such as rescuing a certain number of hatchlings or collecting certain items within a limited number of moves, adding an extra layer of challenge and variety.

One of the highlights of Angry Birds Match 3 is its adorable and charismatic characters. The iconic Angry Birds, along with their cute hatchling counterparts, make appearances throughout the game. Each bird has its unique ability that can be unleashed when matched, adding an extra element of strategy and excitement to the gameplay. From the speedy Red to the explosive Bomb, each bird brings its own personality and charm.

In addition to the captivating puzzle gameplay, Angry Birds Match 3 also offers various features and modes to keep players engaged. Completing levels rewards players with stars and coins, which can be used to unlock new areas, decorate the hatchlings' playpen, and customize the birds with hats, glasses, and other accessories.

The game also introduces events and challenges that provide additional objectives and rewards. Participate in limited-time events to earn special boosters and exclusive items. Compete against friends and players around the world on the leaderboards to showcase your skills and climb to the top.

Angry Birds Match 3 features vibrant and colorful graphics that bring the world of Angry Birds to life. From lush forests to sandy beaches, each level is beautifully designed, immersing players in a visually appealing environment. The cheerful sound effects and catchy music further enhance the gaming experience, creating an enjoyable and immersive atmosphere.

Additionally, Angry Birds Match 3 is a free-to-play game with optional in-app purchases. While these purchases can accelerate progress or provide additional resources, they are not necessary to enjoy the game fully. Players can choose to play at their own pace without spending real money.

Angry Birds Match 3 is a delightful and engaging puzzle game that combines the beloved Angry Birds characters with addictive match-3 gameplay. With its charming visuals, easy-to-learn mechanics, and various features, the game offers hours of fun and entertainment for players of all ages. Embark on a colorful adventure, save the hatchlings, and outsmart the mischievous pigs in this exciting puzzle experience!

How to play

The game opens with a tutorial that guides you through the basics of gameplay.

Swipe and swap neighboring bird tiles to create matches of three or more.

Every level has a specific goal that you need to achieve in a given number of moves.

Collect Hatchlings:

Each level features one or more hatchlings that need to be rescued from the pigs' clutches.

Clear the way for each hatchling by matching bird tiles adjacent to it until they reach the bottom of the board.

Explore Different Levels:

As you progress through the game, you'll encounter different types of levels, each with its unique obstacle.

Some levels may require you to clear ice blocks, crates, or other obstacles before rescuing the hatchlings.

Master Bird Abilities:

Each bird has its unique ability that can be triggered by matching at least three tiles of the same color.

For example, matching three red bird tiles will allow you to make Red dash through a row of tiles, clearing them instantly.

Experiment with different bird abilities to see how they can help you progress through levels.

Use Boosters:

Matching four or more bird tiles creates powerful boosters that can clear entire rows, columns, or areas of the board.

Use boosters strategically to clear difficult obstacles or progress toward your objectives.

Complete Events:

Participate in regular events to earn unique rewards and compete against other players on the leaderboards.

Follow the instructions and complete the event goals to earn rewards such as boosters, coins, and hats for your birds.

Decorate the Playpen:

You can customize the hatchling's playpen by completing levels and earning coins.

Choose from a variety of decorations such as toys, furniture, and wallpaper to create a personalized space for your hatchlings.

Connect with Facebook:

You can log in to your Facebook account and connect with friends to compare scores and send lives.

Lives are necessary to play levels, and you can either wait for them to regenerate or ask your friends to send them.

Make In-App Purchases:

The game is free-to-play, but you can make in-app purchases to speed up your progress or buy additional resources.

Use caution when making purchases and monitor your spending.


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