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Friday Night Funkin music Fans
Android iOS competition Simulation entertainment Cartoon Casual Challenge boy girl cute music race PK funny
  • Version : 1.1
  • Updated : October 23, 2021
  • Size : 95.6 MB

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Play along with your favorite funk beats in Friday Night Funk Music Game Guide, a rhythm game for all the smoothest players.

This definitive game contains everything you need to master the grooviest beats; from hidden secrets to music creation modes. Choose from six unique sound buttons to customize the classic FNF music experience.

Made with music lovers in mind, FNF is sure to have you moving to the music every time you play.

Play with all your favorite characters

With a huge selection of playable characters to choose from, you can always find new ways to enjoy yourself in Friday Night FNF. All of your favorite characters are present in this game, including.




and many more!

Watch each cute character dance and sing along as you tap to the beat in this classic game.

Seamless user-friendly design

With Friday Night Funkin, there's no more worrying about complicated gameplay and busy design.

FNF's user-friendly design highlights the real reason you came to play - good music and fun gameplay. With minimal controls, you can focus on mastering your rhythm rather than memorizing complex buttons.

FNF's classic, chunky animations are endearing; they add a layer of satisfaction every time you play.

Convenient, network-free gameplay

With FNF's network-free gameplay, you can play along with your favorite songs anywhere, any time.

You'll never get bored again because of spotty internet service. With Friday Night Funkin, you always have hours of entertainment stored in your pocket. Create music and test your rhythm skills in this classic and convenient game without having to worry about your Wi-Fi.

Catchy Friday Night Songs

Friday Night Funkin highlights the real reasons you love classic rhythm games - smooth rhythms and catchy songs.

Play through level after level, each with its own unique song to enjoy. Master your favorites and show off your stats as you beat your own personal records.

With each new song, you'll find yourself humming along to unique rhythms long after you've closed the app. No matter what your musical preference, FNF has a song that will become your new favorite.

Customize your sound

Customize your gaming experience by customizing each song to match your personal preferences.

With six unique sound buttons to choose from, you can make each song your own, every time you play. Whether you like smooth, delicate piano keys or funky danceable drums, you'll find the perfect song for you in FNF.

Tons of quests to master

With plenty of quests to play, you'll find hours of entertainment awaiting you in Friday Night FNF. Plus, the bonus features in this game guide will help you break down every aspect of each mission so you can perfect your strategy and get the highest score.

Battle tough bosses, charm your soul mate, and prove you have a top-notch sense of rhythm by mastering each level. Plus, three difficulty modes mean you can work your way up to expert levels.

Enter the Friday Night Music Game Guide and get hours of funky entertainment today.

How to play

Click when the note overlaps with the judgment area. The score form is the same as DDR, and the preset buttons are WASD/directional keys.

There are 2 different types of notes in the game.

The Note: Click directly.

Hold Note: Click and long press until the end, if you let go in the middle, it will break the Combo.

The game's blood bar is initially half full, hitting the note will increase the amount of blood to push back the enemy's blood bar, and vice versa. If it drops to 0, the game is over.

The game is divided into Sick! , Good!, Bad, Shit, and Miss, the latter two will break the Combo, and the score obtained is directly related to the type of judgment.

Sick!!! : The score is increased by 300 points for an accurate hit.

Good!: A small deviation in the hit will increase the score by 200 points.

Bad: A hit with a large deviation increases the score by 100 points.

Shit: Hit with a big deviation, increase the score by 50 points.

Miss: Hit with too much deviation or miss, 0 points for miss, 10 points for hit with too much deviation.


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