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Getting Over It

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Getting Over It is a seemingly simple game, only to see the game's protagonist's upper body is no different from that of a normal person, while the lower half of his body is filled with a jar. Rather than being filled with a jar, the second half of the man's life is a jar, because the image of the man does not change throughout the entire game of Getting Over It.

The game's protagonist holds a hammer, which is the only tool, with the help of this hammer and the protagonist's own strength, the player will control this character over one desperate situation after another. Or climbing over steep cliffs, or over strange mountains? In Getting Over It, the player will carry out a persistent station, because this simple purpose, but need countless attempts, in the failure to accumulate more experience to help the player over the final step!

The game is very challenging to the patience of each player, but the comical characters and impatience after failure will make you laugh. If you have enough patience, or if you have full confidence, you might as well challenge yourself in Getting Over It and see if you can climb to the top!

How to play

The operation of the game is very simple, the player only needs to control the hammer in the hands of the protagonist, use this hammer to climb. But this is a very test of the player's skills, how to control the hammer to send a good force to be faster and more stable across the first step? Is every new player will encounter the problem, and for this problem we can not give the actual answer, the player only keep trying, try to use the hammer hooked to a raised rock, which will help you climb better. Do not be discouraged, failure is experienced by everyone, and in this game, you have no other way to move, only by this hammer.

When you successfully pass 50 levels, your jar will turn gold. In addition, the game also has some mechanisms to encourage players, if you play for a long time and do not pass the level, a gift will be dropped down.

Getting Over It is indeed a simple but very difficult game, I hope you have enough patience to pass the whole level.


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  • ByJovonnie
    I Love game so much
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    I like that he's in a pot hehe
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    oooo sexeh
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    I like it a lot
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    i like getting over it



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