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Sunday Lawn

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The grass is raw in the neighbourhood and there's only one person to call!

Ladies and gentlemen - meet Charlie and his accelerated lawn mower.

Join him for his Sunday job of clearing the neighbourhood yard by yard.

The controls are simple! Simply swipe in any direction to make Charlie move. Each tile you clear rewards you with points.

Run continuously for extra combos, but watch out for POOPY DOGS, angry hedgehogs and other hazards.

Take this opportunity to experience SUNDAY LAWN, the original lawn-mowing maze game that spawned a whole new spin-off genre!

 Three game modes*

"Challenge" - Donut Games' classic game mode, where each mastered level earns you three stars

"Arcade Mode" - Climb the high score table

"Sweet Dreams" - a bonus game where you can put Charlie to sleep by making the sheep jump over the fence

Lifeguard can help you get through the levels if you get stuck

How to play

Weekend on the Lawn is a quiz game developed by Donut Games.

The story of the game begins sadly: a bearded uncle is driven out by his wife to mow the lawn on that sunny Sunday. The game also features dogs and hedgehogs, which you have to avoid carefully, and roses that are not to be cut.

The game is operated via the touch screen, with finger swipes controlling the direction of movement and you can turn around or turn back midway.

- Three game modes: 1: "Challenge mode", 2: "Arcade mode" and 3: "Bonus game".

- Collect stars in Challenge Mode to improve your ranking.

- Get the highest score in Arcade mode.

- Put Charlie to sleep in "Sweet Dreams" in Bonus Mode.

- Different control options.

- Practice mode for beginners if you need to practice.

- Widescreen support.

- Game Centre support.

- Universal app (iPad, iPhone, iPod).

- Joystick support.


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