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Five Nights at Freddy's
  • price : Free
  • OS : AndroidIOS
  • Version : 1.73
  • Updated : August 30, 2014
  • Size : 49.7MB
  • Developer : Scott Cawthon


Re-designed for phones from the PC version, this horror game entraps you at every point. And, if this isn’t enough for you, there’s plenty more! It’s time to see whether you can survive against the odds at Freddy’s.

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Can You Survive?

The game begins with your summer job at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, which everyone frequents because there’s tons of entertainment and food. The main attraction is Freddy Fazbear and his two friends, animatronic robots that aim to do anything to entertain the crowds. While the management should be hiring a repairman, they make do with a security guard to cut costs where they can.

As a security guard, you have to deal with the unpredictable behavior of these robots when it gets dark. While you have to monitor the security cameras for suspicious actions closely, you also have to handle the limited electricity problem (budget cuts, who doesn’t hate them?).

How do you end up dealing with Freddy and his friends as the electricity goes out? Are you capable of surviving five nights at Freddy’s? Play to find out!

Game Features

Interface and audio is available in English, but subtitles are available in several languages, including French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean

Simple game controls that ensure you can completely immerse yourself in the realistic simulation and experience

Tons of action and escape simulations that can leave you on the edge of your seat as you’re playing

Interactive story play with realistic simulations

Horror scenes that feature a different kind of terrifying from the traditional horror games

Tons of terrifying teddy bears guaranteed

Excellent Playability

When you’re looking to give yourself a good scare but enjoy it simultaneously, playing this game should be on the top of your list. While it is only advisable to play for teenagers and above, this game features many scenes that can leave you terrified of going to the next scene.

While you have to be careful to monitor your dwindling electricity levels when it comes time to leave your seat and check out what Freddy and his gang are up to, be ready for a surprise. You might even need to get additional protection for your phone in case you drop it when scared!

If you don’t mind working nights and aren’t put off by the fact that Freddy’s is hiring yet again, go ahead and try out the other Freddy’s games. See if you have what it takes to survive Freddy’s, just five days!

With high-resolution graphics and improved UI, this game is a treat to play, no matter what device you are using. You can additionally also buy a survival kit (in-game purchase) that can make the game a little bit easier (meaning you don’t have to be worried about dying at every turn) and more fun to play!

How to play

The game is mainly based on horror, so it creates a great atmosphere of danger in the game! You have to protect yourself and survive in this game, do not be frightened by the atmosphere in the horror.

You need to survive through their own ability in this horror escape game to Jedi, the game may start you have nothing, you can continue to collect food in this player factory, collect materials to forge tools and equipment to protect themselves.

Although on the surface of this game only need to follow the game title like, complete the game for five nights, but the actual proceeding is will follow the story set in the development of survival more nights, so in the game you can enjoy the challenge of their own heart tolerance and your brain.

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  • ByWilliam Stacey
    I love five nights at Freddy's
    Helpful (2)
  • ByVictor Jewelll
    I Love FNaF
    Helpful (20)
  • ByLuana
    Se jeu est très bien et je remercie ceux qui l'ont créé
    Helpful (13)
  • Byasxdws
    good very goof
    Helpful (9)
  • Byasxdws
    good very goof
    Helpful (9)
  • ByCaleb
    i heart this game
    Helpful (8)
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