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Miraculous Ladybug Cat Noir

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An official magical ladybird app - don't let any of the old red games with black polkadot fool you! This superhero running game is the real deal!

Join the magical ladybird and the black cat on their Paris rescue mission in this challenging, addictive and super fun runner!

Your beloved city of Paris is in trouble and only you can save it from destruction! Transform into the awesome superheroes Ladybug and Black Cat and jump into the magical universe. Jump through the streets of Paris, avoid obstacles and defeat villains.

Everyone thinks you're just a clumsy teenager. But you have a secret. By day you may be an ordinary teenager, but by night you'll turn into a superhero. The City of Love is in danger of being taken over by the mysterious super-villain Hawk Moth and his evil Akumas. It's up to superheroes like you to save the day.

* Run, jump and leap across the rooftops and through the alleys to save the day

* Dodge obstacles in the running path

* Play as superheroes Marinette and Ladybug or Adrian and Black Cat

* Collect tokens and other surprises as you run and jump and explore Paris

* Collect awesome power-ups along your running path

* Fight against the dangerous villains Dark Cupid, Stormy Weather, Bubble Dragon and more!

Alright superheroes, are you ready to run, jump and fight to save Paris? The Hawk Moth has begun to wreak havoc. Save the City of Love!

How to play


1. A survival adventure game that tests the player's ability to survive and adapt to the wilderness at all times.

2, the player will be in a boundless sea world, alone to try to survive.

3, and all you have is a raft, a hook, how to survive is up to you.

4, test the hook to catch and retrieve various items drifting in the sea, and create more tools and props, etc.

5, also the raft also need to under the sea fierce shark attack, if necessary, also need to use weapons to fight.

6, the real opening a boat, survival all depends on picking up, very test of imagination, production, survival!


Resource map is an important scene for players to collect materials.

Players can enter the level after moving to a specific resource map on the secondary map and collect materials within the level.

The distribution of resources varies from one resource map to another; players go to different maps to collect according to my own needs

Advanced maps have more powerful monsters and richer resources.

Level maps are divided into 3 categories: Basic maps: maps that players can go to at any time and refresh after leaving and can be collected repeatedly.

Event maps: maps that are randomly triggered and have a certain time limit after triggering, players can go to them at any time during this time period; then they will disappear.

Copy map: This map has a certain refresh time, the countdown starts when the player first enters the map and the map refreshes after the countdown ends; it is more difficult and produces rare items.

Prop Restricted Maps: Some maps require players to have special props before they can go there, and belong to the mid to late stage maps.

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