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Ultimate Jewel
Adventure puzzle simulation elimination single player Casual Fun boy girl triple elimination matching Ultimate Jewel UJ
  • Version : 1.51
  • Updated : February 28, 2020
  • Size : 50.5MB
  • Developer : Balloon Island

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Ultimate Jewel - The Best Board Game To Try!

What do you do during your free time? Although most of you prefer going for an outdoor adventure, some may want to stay at home and spend their leisure time playing with their mobile phones. With the number of mobile-friendly game applications, finding the best might be tricky.

Fortunately, there is Ultimate Jewel. This game app is perfect for those who enjoy solving bright-colored puzzles. Let us know further about Ultimate Jewel in this review.

Board games and puzzles have been a long-time favorite pastime of many. Most types of this game are easy to play and have colorful gameplay. It should come as no surprise that you can find hundreds or even thousands of puzzle and board games online that you can choose from.

Many of you have probably played a puzzle-like game. If yes, then Ultimate Jewel will be nothing new for you. This logic game promotes your critical thinking skills. You have to set your strategies to combine three or more jewels with the same color to proceed to the next level.

Balloon Island, widely regarded as one of the most talented publishers and designers in the gaming industry, is the company behind the magnificent Ultimate Jewel game. If you are interested in testing your matchmaking abilities, this board and puzzle game app is ideally a match for you.

The Ultimate Jewel acts as a brainteaser match for people who want to push themselves to the limit by solving new forms of puzzle play every day. The good thing about this exciting game is that it is free and has many interesting features.

Plus, you can get this ultimate treasure to your PC for free. Therefore, you can have a more enjoyable solving experience on a larger screen.

This game app features multiple levels - from easy to complex. Therefore, you won't have any dull moments while playing this game. If you like Candy Crush and are looking for more fun and enjoyable alternative, you have found Ultimate Jewel. Your goal is to create multiple colored-jewel combinations to ace the highest score.

There are several things you will love about this game. One of these is its simple game mechanics. All you have to do is to combine more than three identical jewels. The combined jewels will disappear, giving enough space for more gems to fall into the box.

These new gems will give you a new chance to create great combos. As mentioned, you have to combine more than three identical jewels to have higher scores. Since this game requires the players to think critically, Ultimate Jewel is an excellent app for those children and kids at heart.

In line with that, you must ensure that every move you make will help you pass the objectives to proceed to the following levels. You have to make your strategies and evaluate them before performing a move.

Another good thing about the Ultimate Jewel is that it comes with a Zen Mode, which allows you to play this pretty and easy game without any pressure. On the other hand, you can also switch to Puzzle Mode if you are confident in showing and testing your matchmaking skills to other players.

How to play

As mentioned, the Ultimate Jewel is a matchmaking game. However, unlike other puzzle and board games on the internet, this one offers a unique flavor that has caught the attention of different players worldwide.

With its uniquely crafted levels, this game will keep your mind active while providing you with hours of entertainment. Put out your most deft actions and strategies to earn more stars and better score ranking so that you can go to the following rounds.

Put your mind through its paces and see if you can be the first person who can complete the first one thousand challenging levels of the Ultimate Jewel. On the other hand, it is worth noting that you may be in a situation where you can gain more stars than the earlier levels. The good thing is that you can still access the previous levels by swiping the tombstone to the right or left, which you can find on the stage selection screen.

Every game level in this app has been meticulously crafted to push you to think of the best strategies and tactics that will give you the advantage to win over other players. This game is known for having the best and most user-friendly controls. This alone has been a significant factor in boosting the downloading rate of the app.

Playing the game requires complete concentration to make the most excellent possible pairings. The good thing about this is that you can play it on your computer. If you think you can bring down the golden keys to their perfect spot, it is time to play Ultimate Jewel.

The guidelines on how to play this game are not complicated at all. To remove a column or row of tiles, all you have to do is to line up at least three diamonds with the same color in a column or row. This applies whether the jewels are positioned horizontally or vertically.

Ensure to wipe out every last jewel on the board before making your move of getting the golden key. To do so, use your fingers to swipe the jewels with the same color. Doing so will help you to clear the row or column, thus, giving more space for new tiles.

Swiping and matching tiles is easy and happens so quickly. You can view your score at the end of each match. The best thing about the game is that it has lots of surprises. For example, you can match four or more tiles to have the opportunity to get the bomb or a fireball.

In the Ultimate Jewel, you can make quicker progress using the powerups it offers.

There is no doubt that Ultimate Jewel is an exciting and entertaining game to play. This is a perfect game if you want the other board and puzzle games to play with your pals. Do not waste your time playing boring games. With Ultimate Jewel, every match you play gives you an exciting experience.

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