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Candy Crush Soda Saga

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From the makers of the classic triple-play legendary Candy Crush Saga comes Candy Crush Soda Saga! Unique candies, more divine matching combinations and a challenging game mode full of purple soda and fun!

Unique candies, more fantastic matching combinations and a challenging game mode will bring you purple soda and endless fun!

This drool-worthy brain-burning adventure is sure to be a blast for you to play. Join Kermie on her joyous journey, help her find Tiffy, swap and eliminate candies to your heart's content, and experience a new world of magical play. You can play alone or with your friends to see who's the scorer!

The monthly event season will bring you unique quests and exciting gameplay! Complete quests to beat the Event Season Pass and earn rewards and magic items to make your legendary journey even smoother.

Show off your competitive side in chapter competitions! Compete against other players to see who can clear the level and finish the race the fastest. Or team up with other players in the four-frame row game mode to win sweet soda-filled rewards!

Gameplay is super easy with little to no learning curve. New players will see the candy wiggling or flashing to hint at your best next move.

The graphics in this version are better than ever. Characters are cuter, candies are brighter, and explosions are more delightful. In addition to the image quality, the sound effects are great.

How to play

Easy to play, infinitely fun and challenging

Combine 4 candies to form a square to get a candy fish

Match 7 candies to get a coloring candy with amazing effects

Line up 4 new purple candies to create a brilliant effect

Soda Mode - Match soda bottles to burst them open and release purple soda.

Honey Mode - Eliminate candies next to honey to release trapped candy bears.

Bubble Gum Mode - Eliminate candies on the bubble gum, don't let the bubble gum spread!

Frozen Mode - Eliminate candies and smash the ice to release the candy bear.

Bubble mode - Candy Bear is trapped in the bubbles! Let the bubble float up layer by layer, wait for it to float up the candy chain and then you can save the bear!

Chocolate and White Chocolate Mode - Eliminate candies next to chocolate to stop the spread of chocolate.

Explore fun new environments and meet quirky characters

Register an account to compete with friends, top the leaderboard and compare your highest scores.

Accounts allow easy syncing between mobile and tablet devices, and unlock full game features

Fun activities take place every day, like collecting the most minnows or striped candy in a limited time; compete against your friends to take the throne of Bubblegum Mountain!


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